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After much thought, and careful contemplation, I have decided to stop taking in rescues. I will continue to adopt out those that are here, and will then have the extra caging available for sale. For several years I have looked for someone to assist in caring for the animals so that I could focus on finding them homes. I just cannot do the care for the animals any more at a level that they need. In addition, we are prepping our house to move (locally), and the critters make this extra difficult. After operating a rescue for 19 years, I’m sad, but I know it is the right choice for our family at this point. If anyone wants to take over the care of all the critters, I’d love to continue. But short of that, VARR will no longer be a rescue. I’m really sad that this resource will not be available to help those in need any more. I will continue to do snake capture calls, and consult with folks. I can post animals that need homes, but they will have to stay with the owners until new owners are found.

Did you find a reptile here in Virginia and need to identify it?  Want to make sure that the snake in your yard is not venomous?  Visit the Virginia Herpetological Society page for their identification page, with actual photos of the reptiles found in Virginia. 

 Did you find a box turtle in VA??  Click on the link to report it – you will contribute to the database that may ultimately help in their conservation. 

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