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Crossroads Animal Rescue

Dog adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog and you'll have a friend for life! Contact us, or contact another local humane society, animal shelter or SPCA.

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Mecklenburg & Union Counties

About Our Rescue Group:

"Dog are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."

     --Roger Caras

Crossroads Animal Rescue was born out of the heartfelt desire of a small group of likeminded individuals to start a new organization in the Mecklenburg and Union county areas, dedicated to rescuing dogs in desperate circumstances. Our primary method of rescue is to pull dogs out of an animal shelter environment and place them into a loving foster home where their road to recovery and a forever home will begin.
We strive to enlist excellent foster homes and parents that will shelter, nurture and begin training the dogs that are in their care. It is our goal for the dog to be in the best physical and emotional state possible when it leaves its foster home and enters its forever home.

It is with the utmost care and consideration that we thoroughly screen our applicants in order to match each dog that enters Crossroads Animal Rescue with its ideal family so that it can truly become a lifelong companion pet once it is in its new home.
The funds that are needed to carry out such a large task are raised through adoption donations, public donations and community fundraisers. All donations are tax deductible. All of our board members and foster parents are volunteers and receive no remuneration for their work.

Besides offering top notch rescued dogs to families looking for a new companion, it is also our goal to help the surrounding community better understand how to lower the number of dogs euthanised in Mecklenburg and Union Counties. Only through educating the community about the importance of having their pets spayed or neutered, promoting local Spay/Neuter programs and encouraging families to properly love and care for their companion animals will we see a difference in our counties and in our state.
It is with committed hearts and hands that all of the members of Crossroads Animal Rescue will endeavor to make a difference in the Mecklenburg and Union County areas of NC, by saving one dog at a time.

"Saving one dog will not change the world, but you will change the world for that one dog."

     --Author Unknown

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All of our rescues are kept in foster homes. If you are interested in any of our dogs, please email us at

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Why should you adopt?

Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog or adopt a cat and you'll have a friend for life! What is the difference between adopting a dog or puppy versus getting dogs for sale or puppies for sale from a dog breeder? When someone is breeding puppies, they are creating new dogs who need homes. Some people are interested in a very specific breed of dog or puppy and they think the only way to find that specific breed is to buy a dog for sale from a puppy breeder. Yet animal shelters are filled with dogs who must find homes. So rather than buying a dog or puppy for sale from a dog breeder, we encourage people to adopt a dog or adopt a puppy at their local animal shelter, SPCA, humane society or pet rescue group.