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Dog adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog and you'll have a friend for life! Contact us, or contact another local humane society, animal shelter or SPCA.

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TARADISE Great Dane & Large Breed Rescue Serves all of Illinois, as well as sister states.

** We DO adopt dogs to people that are out of this state , ( ** pending on IF we can have a local rescue in your area do the home visit for us.)

***However we NEVER ship dogs , If you wish to adopt - after the approval requirements are met if you are approved to adopt you will have to come here meet us, the dog you are applying for & fill out the final contracts.

About Our Rescue Group:

Taradise Great Dane & Large Breed Rescue is a new rescue, opened in Feb. 2009.


We were appalled at the sheer amount of wonderful, loving (& in many cases neglected & suffering) Great Danes in high kill pounds and shelters, and we fear that with the poor economy more than ever of these gentle giants as well as other giant & large breeds will be ending up in the pounds& shelters , as large & giant breeds are expensive dogs to feed & maintain proper health care for.

We would like to save as many of these animals that will be doomed to die unless we step in to bring them to our NO KILL rescue, and help them find the perfect forever home for them.

The Owner / Director; Tara Larson has well over a decade of professional & personal rescue work specializing in Doberman pinschers, Pit Bulls and Great Danes .. She also currently owns & is a best friend , and devoted subject to her two rescued Danes and a rescued Doberman. And Her husband has 3 wonderful special needs Labs.

Tara's assistant , Jennifer, also has decades of professional as well as private animal rescue experience, as well is a professional dog trainer &, behavioral therapist. Whois the owner & best friend to her senior GSD, her rescued boxer & a rescued Lhasa ( and several lovely rescued senior cats)
Jennifer is more than happy to help ANYONE online or by phone with any Dog & cat problems they may be having , always at no charge, because if I can help a frustrated pet owner , maybe it will help keep dogs out of the pounds & shelters- well behaved & trained dogs rarely end up in pounds . We would love to see a day where high kill pounds are far & few & hopefully, empty ...

Owner / Director Tara, Also owns & runs a wonderful short ( day care ) to LONG term, Boarding kennel, Feel free to contact her in regards to that if you need boarding, unlike the many kennels in the area that only take small dogs, Tara takes & specializes in Large breeds as well . The kennel is reasonable in cost & over cost 75 percent of Income from boarding goes to Taradise . For details on this comfy 5 star kennel that pays to save homeless dogs lives, E mail Taradise .

** We are ' well raised' PIT BULL FRIENDLY, contact us for details for boarding .

( breed selective legislation". )

for more information HOW BSL effects ALL dog owners in a criminal & injust fashion, , contact us .

Please watch this video;


We intake dogs from high kill pounds & shelters, temperment test them , vet them , love them , train them in needed & get them ready for a new loving forever home.

** WE ALSO DO TAKE dogs from Private owner surrender's. - So if you find yourself in a jam and need to place your dog, feel free to contact us, we understand how hard it is to give up a beloved pet, and assure you that we are very careful & your pet will get a wonderful forever home, not an uncertain & possibly fatal future that shelters & pounds offer.

We are determined to help as many Danes in need as we can , as well as provide support to other dane & large breed owners & the general dog owner community through education.

We will be offering FREE seminars, educational and training classes very soon. * contact Us for details or information if your group would be Interested in this program ( it will be age appropriate & you can choose your own topic if you prefer. )

FREE ONLINE training & behaviorial therapy help is ALWAYS available- as well as information regarding feeding, health issues, myths, vaccination debates, heartworm treatment debates , homeopathic treatments vs. traditional medical treatments , and education on training your children to be dog safe to protect them as well as your dog to avoid any problems, this includes introducing your dog to your newborn.

IF you have any questions or need help with your dane , feel free to contact us. - unless its URGENT please allow 10 working days for a reply.

LINKS we promote for excellent information, maybe a few eye openers for many people(?)
As well as excellent suppliments & supplys & fun things for you & your beloved pets:

*** We promote ESTER -C for joint care & repair - E- Mail for a free giude about this excellent vitamin .

Come Meet our Pets:

WE do not have any events firmly scheduled with a positive date(s)at this time.

WE ARE working on a HUGE "white elephant sale"
to raise much needed funds for the rescue.

*** We will have EVERYTHING & ANYTHING just about- from antiques, designer clothing, furniture, housewares, * we will have brand new designer dog collars that were handcrafted for & by us personally, that are all unique & your pampered pooch will LOVE them, all types will be available as well as all sizes. even macho designer dog collars for you men that want a cool collar that is not too "fem" for your buddy!... ****

And FOR THE GUYS! - motorcycle parts & all kinds of cool "GUY STUFF"

You will NOT believe how much ULTRA cool stuff we will have, it will be a 2 day weekend event . ( and yes, our adoptable Danes will be there So you can meet them & play with them, * sorry we do not allow "on the spot " adoptions, we always use the formal adoption procedure)

IF you have any gently used or new Items you wish to donate for this event - please E mail us.

****WE are seeking a donation of a large ticket Item for a raffle- if you or your company can help us with this, Please contact us. - gently used or even new would be fine - .



** Volunteers to help with the foster dogs , or walking & socializing the dogs, even playing with them. These dogs need attention & love, this is something we really need help with to ensure all the dogs are getting enough exercise & attention, basic training ( walking on leash , and teaching general manners .)
on occasion we can use help with cleaning runs & kennels,washing bowls & washing blankets & toys .

* in home fostering is possible to interested folks that live locally, inquire about this & ask for an application via E Mail.

** We can always use old blankets, pillows , old rugs etc, for the dogs comfort , as we go through these Items quickly .

** gently used collars , harnesses, halties, and leashes of any / all types ( ie; including training collars)
( large sizes are best )

** stainless steel large size dog bowls.

( please do not donate anything that may have been once used on a dog that had or died of any infectious disease, thank you )

** FOOD... we feed EAGLE PACK- if you cannot locate this brand you can make a donation to "PAW LICKIN'GOOD" pet supply store,
Tell the owners the money is for Taradise Rescue, and they will apply it to our ever mounting food bill. They are wonderful people & help us as well. do feel free to see their huge selection of gourmet & exotic as well as basic items for you pet !

** TREATS, we feed the dogs RAW weight bearing bones , ( beef LEG ) you can get these at any butcher but they must be kept cold till delivered, also dog biscuits ,
GIANT breed Nylabones , any type of natural treats
( pig ears, Bully sticks , etc )
Please no rawhide- & no smoked / cooked bones - they are both a heath hazard & far too dangerous

** TOYS, please bear in mind when donating toys & stuffed animals, these are GIANT dogs and toys need to be size appropriate , the same with BALLS, they MUST be the VERY large giant breed size , tennis balls are FAR too small and a choking hazzard

** MONEY ;
we can always use monetary donations - which can be be made to our office , 27707 Moose Range Rd. Sycamore. IL 60178, suite 1.

No donation is too small, every bit helps us help these magnificant dogs in need.

You can also make donations to our Vet :
Dr. Paul Augustine. DVM.
(815) 825-2077- when doing this please be sure the office personnel are aware the dontion is to be applied to our running & never ending vet bill.

We will have our PAYPAL set up shortly for your convenience.
Thank You!

***WE do hope to see you at our white elephant sale! & please tell your friends, not ONLY will you find things you will love at dirt cheap cost you will be helping so many abused, neglected & abandoned dogs it will make that purchase worth so much more ! ***

The date of the sale will be posted very soon.


What is man without the beasts?
If all the beasts were gone,
Men would die from a great loneliness of spirit.
For whatever happens to the beasts,
Soon happens to man.
All things are connected.

---- Chief Seattle ( Duwamish tribe)

Our Adoption Process:

Our adoption fee's vary.

In general; Puppies will be the most in adoption fee's.
young adults , next , mature adults next ,
and senior dogs carry low adoption fee's .

** We prefer to adopt senior dogs to senior citizens, and offer senior citizen discounts in these cases to help seniors be able to afford to own one of these majestic dogs.

Please bare in mind feeding these giant dogs is very expensive and we ONLY feed top quality premium food - all our Danes eat Eagle pack.( as reccomended by the great Dane expets)
All our danes get expensive suppliments for joint health , skin health etc. -, and full vet care, from standard exams vaccinations, wormings heartworm testing, to fixing any medical conditions, and altering of Danes above age 6 months ( in most breeds we do reccomend pediatric spay & neuter , BUT in Danes we prefer to wait to sexually maturity- however there is a follow up - IF you choose to follow this advise by the Dane experts)
Also, to run the rescue, there are many , many other unseen costs involved as well.
We try to keep the adoption fee's reasonable as possible, but without these fee's we would not be able to continue to save these dogs.

* what ever fee is set for any specific dog,
is non negotionable, please do not try to haggle the fee. We survive & save these dogs on our own money, adoption fee's that sometimes exceed the dogs vetting/ food etc.. and we survive on help & donations.

We DO NOT get any state , federal or even big corporate funding like many of the larger rescues do . ( ie; like purina's rescue efforst- they ONLY go to 501(c) (3) rescues & shelters. as its a tax write off for them.)

** E Mail us if you would like to know more about the 501 (c) (3) controversy.

REQUIREMENTS for adoption:

* you must be a legal adult to adopt ( as minors cannot enter into any legal contracts)

1- if you see a dog you are Interested in , E-Mail Taradise - and in the subject line write the name of the dog your interested in & your name.

We will send you an application via e mail , all the dogs vital information will be on his / her BIO. As well as links to the breed in general. ** PLEASE read the dogs BIO- as if we say the dog is not adoptable to people with young children, and you have a 3 year old, please choose a different dog or do not apply, processing an application then only to deny you due to the dog you picked was stated as unable to live in a certain lifestyle causes delays in getting that dog adopted & also causes other dogs on deaths row to die as we will not have room for them. So please, read the bio's.

2- Please allow us 7 WORKING days to process your application, ( ie: we do NOT process applications on weekends) You will get a reply via E mail Or phone within that time. Be sure you fill the application out in FULL, incomplete applications will not be processed.

* PLEASE- inform your vets office that we will be calling to get vet record information, and give them permission to release that information to us. by not doing this it can hold us up and you may have someone else approved for the dog in question, so be prepared & contact your vet .

** if you have not heard from us by the 8 th working day - please drop us another E mail , as sometimes if we are slammed - on rare occasions your appy may have fell through the cracks.

Once we have processed your appy, contacted your vet - we will contact you for a phone interview, in E mail we will ask you to tell us a good time for you to take the time to talk as this interveiw is usually about 45 mins on average.

Then we set up a home visit, all members of the family that LIVE in the home should be there when we ( or a helper rescuer) does the home visit.

When you are approved , you will be asked to come out & meet the dog your Interested in , as well as meet us. If you & the dog are compatabile , you will be asked to fill out & sign a "lifetime care & return contract" This is a legally binding contract to ensure the care of the dog for life.

This sounds like a huge procedure, but if you follow the directions above - we can & have been able to approve people within a week or two. It is not difficult at all. I understand this may seem intrusive, please understand we saved these dogs from horrible lives in most cases and we do this to ensure these animals NEVER end up in the wrong hands again.

Our Adopted Pets:

We have helped lots of pets connect with loving and caring owners. Check out our adopted pets list!

Why should you adopt?

Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog or adopt a cat and you'll have a friend for life! What is the difference between adopting a dog or puppy versus getting dogs for sale or puppies for sale from a dog breeder? When someone is breeding puppies, they are creating new dogs who need homes. Some people are interested in a very specific breed of dog or puppy and they think the only way to find that specific breed is to buy a dog for sale from a puppy breeder. Yet animal shelters are filled with dogs who must find homes. So rather than buying a dog or puppy for sale from a dog breeder, we encourage people to adopt a dog or adopt a puppy at their local animal shelter, SPCA, humane society or pet rescue group.