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Enlightened Canines! Rescue & Rehabilitation

Moreno Valley, CA 92553
(951) 440-5708

Dog adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog and you'll have a friend for life! Contact us, or contact another local humane society, animal shelter or SPCA.

Pets at Our Rescue Group:

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Enlightened Canines! Rescue & Rehabilitation is dedicated to dogs that are deemed un-adoptable, due to issues that are no fault of the dogs, but of their negligent owners. It's because of this, I know we will never be without a dog needing to find a home and new chance in life to live as a fulfilled dog should live. We are giving that chance back to the dog. We know there are so many dogs that need this, and we can't save them all, but we can make a difference to that one dog! We can make a dent!

Our goal, our mission is to re-balance these spiritual creatures and give them back their sense of being. Mother Nature is their truest pack leader!

*Living Balanced, Fulfilled and Loved!"

We proudly serve the Inland Empire. (Moreno Valley, Riverside, and Perris is our main location)

About Our Rescue Group:

Enlightened Canines! Rehabilitation & Rescue (ECRR) was founded in March 2009 by Angela Morin. Angela has volunteered with several rescue organizations and also operates a private rescue of her own before starting ECRR. She realized that so many dogs were losing their opportunity to find wonderful homes, as most rescue organizations were not equipped to rehabilitate aggressive, shy or fearful dogs. Angela has apprenticed a Master Trainer/Behaviorist for over a year and has an understanding of dog psychology and how to apply it to these rejected dogs and make for a balanced canine. She is also a certified Dog Trainer with Animal Behavior College and has used her knowledge to help many untrained dogs make for a better human-dog relationship! No one here at Enlightened Canines! Rescue & Rehabilitation is paid to rescue these dogs. We do it out of the love in our hearts! Please be mindful and realize that we all also work a 40 hour a week job. We frequently go to shelters, owner surrenders homes and use our free time and money away from our families driving all over to rescue these dogs. Please be patient with us, if we do not return your phone calls or emails right away!

What makes ECRR unique as a rescue?
We personally train and work with every dog that comes into our rescue. We want to make sure that our adopters get the perfect dog. This increases the dogs chance of keeping their homes for their life! We also take an extra step in training the new owners! This way we feel more confident and secure knowing that the adopted dog will live a fulfilled and balanced life! We will never place a dog with a family or person we feel will not provide a good home for a specific dog. Yes, we are picky! Our heart and souls goes in to every dog that comes into our rescue and we take pride in selecting the right fit for that rescue dog! They deserve it!

ECRR does not have a facility/kennel in which the rescue dogs are housed! We are foster based and only take in dogs when we have available space.

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Come Meet our Pets:

An adoption application needs to be filled out before meeting any pets. This gives us a better idea of what you are looking for and if the "potential dog" is suitable to your living situation, as we want to make sure that we find the perfect match for our rescue dogs!

Our Adoption Process:

Adoption Process:
Our Adoption Process:
1. See a dog you like? Fill out an Adoption Application. If you only have a question, email me at

2. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will be called to set up a meet and greet appointment. (There is no shelter to visit! We are foster based only and want to protect the privacy of the our foster homes. Appointments are necessary to ensure this!)

3. The meet and greet will be scheduled at the fosters home where the dog is located at. You must be willing to travel to meet the dog!

4. If we feel you'd make a great match for the dog and vice versa, we will then proceed to make another appointment to schedule a home check. Home checks are required to adopt one of our dogs! You can also opt to have your meet and greet and home check done at the same time at your home! Sorry no out of state adoptions, ONLY SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!!

5. After the home check is complete and passed, we can now follow up with adoption paperwork/contracts/adoption fees.

6. Once all paperwork and fees have been completed and accepted, you are now ready to become the proud parent of your new family member! During this process we will also go over training commands taught to the dog. And also go over them with you, so you know how to continue working with your enlightened canine!

Our Adopted Pets:

We have helped lots of pets connect with loving and caring owners. Check out our adopted pets list!

Why should you adopt?

Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog or adopt a cat and you'll have a friend for life! What is the difference between adopting a dog or puppy versus getting dogs for sale or puppies for sale from a dog breeder? When someone is breeding puppies, they are creating new dogs who need homes. Some people are interested in a very specific breed of dog or puppy and they think the only way to find that specific breed is to buy a dog for sale from a puppy breeder. Yet animal shelters are filled with dogs who must find homes. So rather than buying a dog or puppy for sale from a dog breeder, we encourage people to adopt a dog or adopt a puppy at their local animal shelter, SPCA, humane society or pet rescue group.