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Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network, Inc.- Las Vegas

Dog adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog and you'll have a friend for life! Contact us, or contact another local humane society, animal shelter or SPCA.

Pets at Our Rescue Group:

Cities, Towns, and/or Counties We Serve:

We are located in Southern Nevada. (Las Vegas, N. Las Vegas, Henderson & surrounding areas). Northern Nevada also is staffed with members of the Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network volunteers. We work together to insure that all Bulldogs in our state receive the assistance and care that they need.

The BCA Rescue Network, Inc. is a non-profit organization with IRS 501c) 3) status. We have many volunteers nationwide who love the Bulldog breed and are dedicated to its continued well-being. The volunteers find new homes for more than 1000 Bulldogs per year. Many thousands of dollars are spent to provide medical care, food, shelter, and training while the rescued Bulldogs are awaiting adoption.

About Our Rescue Group:

We are here to educate and assist whenever we can.
The Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network (BCARN) has volunteers working throughout the US and some in Canada.

If you need to give up a Bulldog to rescue, please call or send email to the local BCA Rescue Network representative nearest you. (

If you are interested in adopting a rescued Bulldog, please complete the online adoption application before you contact the local BCA Rescue Network representative. Use the Apply to Adopt link in the menu on the left.

The BCA Rescue Network rescues only the purebred Bulldogs sometimes referred to as "English" or "British" Bulldogs.

How the BCA Rescue Network program works:

BCA Rescue Network volunteers obtain homeless Bulldogs from owners who surrender them us, from individuals who find them as strays, from veterinarians when the dogs are left with them by the owners, and from animal shelters. Reasons for dogs being given up or abandoned are numerous but are often along the lines of "we have no time for the dog" or "we cannot afford the needed medical care".

BCA Rescue Network volunteers provide foster care for homeless Bulldogs, place Bulldogs in new homes, and provide education and counseling for Bulldog owners and adopters. Bulldogs in foster care are given necessary veterinary care, including vaccinations and heartworm preventatives. All rescued Bulldogs are spayed/neutered before adoption. Temperaments are evaluated, and Rescue Network volunteers do not knowingly place aggressive dogs in new homes. Training and socialization are also provided when needed.

Applicants for adoption are carefully screened via telephone interviews, home visits, and contacts with veterinarians and landlords, when applicable. We require the applicant and all family members, including dogs currently in the home, to meet the rescued Bulldog before a placement is finalized. The objective is to match the rescued Bulldog with the most suitable adopter.

Donate to Our Rescue Group...

Adoptions are completed with the understanding that the adopting family will be asked to give a donation to the BCA Rescue Network to help with the spaying/neutering and veterinary care of current and/or future rescued Bulldogs.

Come Meet our Pets:

Throughout the year there will be various events which offer Bulldog breed information, as well as Adoption options: Petapalooza, The Las Vegas Pet Expo, Smarty Paws Canine Coaching, and events in conjunction with The Las Vegas Bulldog Club. (
From time to time, available Bulldogs are listed on the BCARN web site "available Dogs"

Our Adoption Process:

The Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network

The Adoption Process:

To be added to a waiting list to adopt a Bulldog from the Rescue Network, you need to do the following:

1. Read the Breed Information page and the BCA Adoption Contract. Use the Back button on your browser to return to this page.
Submit an adoption application to the BCA Rescue Network.

You may complete an online application that can be accessed by BCA Rescue Network members nationwide. Although most BCA rescue groups place limits on how far away they will place Bulldogs, the online application increases your chances of being considered for adoption by a rescue group that has a Bulldog that may be suitable for you.

2. To apply online, first read the BCA Rescue Network Privacy Policy. Use the Back button on your browser to return to this page.

3. Next, read the Disclaimer/Release of Liability. If you select I Agree after reading the Disclaimer/Release of Liability, the online Adoption Application will be displayed for you to complete.

Adoption donations vary, case by case, depending on age.
"I understand that I may be asked to give a donation to the BCA Rescue Network to help with the spaying/neutering and veterinary care of current and/or future rescued Bulldogs."

All the Bulldog Best~
Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network, Inc.

"Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way."
— Martin Luther King Jr.

Why should you adopt?

Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog or adopt a cat and you'll have a friend for life! What is the difference between adopting a dog or puppy versus getting dogs for sale or puppies for sale from a dog breeder? When someone is breeding puppies, they are creating new dogs who need homes. Some people are interested in a very specific breed of dog or puppy and they think the only way to find that specific breed is to buy a dog for sale from a puppy breeder. Yet animal shelters are filled with dogs who must find homes. So rather than buying a dog or puppy for sale from a dog breeder, we encourage people to adopt a dog or adopt a puppy at their local animal shelter, SPCA, humane society or pet rescue group.