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Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc.

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Welcome to D.E.R.T.I.
This started as a Dream. Dreams are whispers from the Soul. "Nothing happens - but first a Dream." So Dream your Dream and live your Dream. Dream BIG and Don't be afraid to try.
Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc. is a non-profit, faith and volunteer based humane organization whose mission is to ensure quality care and treatment of horses through intervention, education, and outreach.
We would like for you to visit our organization! We started a Rescue for bringing horses, children and adults together for therapeutic healing. We realize the strength and power of healing provided for both the horses and the humans. GOD has chosen us to open our hearts to help more horses and humans! 
We love unconditional. There's not a better blessing than seeing a child smile. Children and adults alike need unconditional love and that is what horses have to offer. These horse offer a freedom that some people have never felt until they started visiting Divine Equine Rescue
 and Therapy, Inc.
These are God's magnificent animals. We have had adults out to experience the freedom they have in spending time with these magnificent animals. Everyone who works with these awesome horses have the opportunity to experience unconditional love. 
For the rescue, retirement and rehabilitation of abandoned, unwanted, abused, neglected and discarded Horses, Ponies, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Cow, Dogs and Barn Cats. Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc. is dedicated to provide a safe sanctuary, for nurturing and a healing environment for the abused and/or neglected animals.
To provide a safe, nurturing and healing environment for economically disadvantaged, abused, neglected, handicap, and at-risk children and adults. To rebuild and relearn trust, self-esteem, nurturing and love in the healing process. Starting with the horses allow this hurting animal time to heal and regain trust with humans.
Gods divine intervention giving them the opportunity to live as God intended. Allowing these children and adults to bond with and feel the unconditional love from these animals and caring people. To teach them about the humane treatment of horses and teach leadership skills and sportsmanship. And enable them to grow in a positive healthy environment.
To provide a Handicap Riding Facility. So, that we can offer Hippotherapy.  Hippotherapy literally means “treatment with the help of the horse” from the Greek word, “hippos” meaning horse.
If conventional therapy sessions no longer interest your physically or mentally challenged loved one, hippotherapy offers the best alternative. A lot of loving parents are discovering the power of horses to help their challenged children (or adults) to regain some form of independence from their disability.
Some are seeing hope in hippotherapy after observing a significant improvement in their loved ones’ physical and cognitive abilities into which their doctors have already thrown the white towel. Most of them were surprised to find the answer to their prayers in some hippo therapist’s stable.
Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement as part of an integrated intervention program to achieve functional outcomes.
The horse's walk provides sensory input through movement, which is variable, rhythmic, and repetitive. The resultant movement responses in the patient are similar to human movement patterns of the pelvis while walking.
The horse provides a dynamic base of support, making it an excellent tool for increasing trunk strength and control, balance, building overall postural strength and endurance, addressing weight bearing, and. motor planning.
Therapeutic Riding
Therapeutic riding utilizes the movement of the horse and specialized activities to maximize the therapeutic benefits to a rider. It is often recommended by physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists to improve flexibility, balance, muscle strength, coordination, posture, and to stimulate the central nervous system. Other benefits include improved memory, sequencing, attention span, self-awareness, increased self-esteem and self -confidence.
As you may know already, Horses are therapeutic. It has been demonstrated to provide emotional and physical therapy for different ability children. Although physical therapy is also a benefit derived from Therapeutic Riding. We do not believe that physical therapy is the only benefit derived from horse therapy. Indeed, the emotional benefits to children may greatly outweigh the physical benefits.
Unfortunately, many of the very children who would most benefit from Equine Therapy are not able to participate in conventional therapeutic riding.  They are not able to sit a saddle. That's why we would love to have wheelchair Driving Carts for our Facility.

About Our Rescue Group:

Welcome to the Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc. We are located in North Florida on 43 acres that is Peaceful and Secluded. We are a Equine Rescue, Rehabilitation and Retirement facility that is snuggled in beautiful (Rock Buff) better known Bell, Florida. Which is nestled in the big ole southern grand daddy oaks, Rolling Hills and beautiful big green pastures. With grass up to the middle of the horse's belly's.
Its just a 1/2 mile from the historical Suwannee River which is home to some of the most beautiful crystal clear blue springs (Rock Bluff Springs, Hart Springs, Manatee Springs, Blue Springs, Wannee Springs, Otter Springs, Fanning Springs and etc.) along the Suwannee River.
We provide critical care and rehabilitation for abandoned, unwanted,
abused, neglected and discarded Horses and Humans.

Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc. is dedicated to provide a safe sanctuary, for nurturing, loving and a healing environment.
To utilize our rescued horses for equine assisted learning and therapeutic programs for children, youth and adults. Our purpose is to protect, care for, and heal these three important groups - children, adults and abused/neglected animals.
This is a hands on Facility. Every Animal here is handled daily. Grooming, Baths, Exercise, Veterinary, Farrier, Hand lead and what ever else is needed.

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Come Meet our Pets:

Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc.
P.O. BOX 401
Bell, Florida 32619-0401

Hours: 11:00am - 6:00pm Tuesday - Saturday

Our Adoption Process:

Attach the $ 10.00 application fee (check or money order payable to D.E.R.T.I.)
Mail the signed application with the application fee to our office location listed on the form.

These guidelines are not set in stone. Every case is a individual. So, we may do something's a little different for each individual case.
Schedule a working session with the horse, under our supervision, to determine if you are suited for each other. If the original horse does not work out, the adopter may evaluate another horse in the program.
Schedule to have the facility reviewed where the horse is to be kept.

It is the goal of Divine Equine Rescue and Therapy, Inc. (DERTI) to attempt to place each horse in the home best suited to it's needs. In addition, horses adopted from DERTI cannot be used for breeding, be re-sold or give away. The horse cannot be relocated from the original approved facility without the permission of DERTI. In the event that the placement does not work out for any reason, DERTI requires that the horse be returned to us. Adopted horses must go to a home that is loving and caring. We would like for you to have at least one other horse. But, not Required. Horses are herd animals and require companionship of at least one other horse.
Before any horse may be adopted from DERTI, the following procedures must be followed:
The prospective adopter must call to schedule an appointment to work with our trainer's and the horse they are interested in adopting. At the time of the appointment the adopter must sign and complete fully a DERTI Release Form. The purpose of this appointment is to ensure the safety of both the prospective adopter and the horse, and to allow DERTI an opportunity to evaluate compatibility of the horse and rider.
Once the potential adopter is determined capable of working safely with the horse alone, he/she must schedule no less than two more visits to work with the horse. DERTI may require, at any time, additional sessions.
Upon completion of the working sessions, if the potential adopter and horse are fully compatible, the adoption questionnaire must be completed and signed, along with the cover letter, and sent to DERTI with a $10.00 application fee. Applications will not be accepted if the adopter has not been evaluated with the horse or if the prospective adopter was not found suitable for the horse.
Sign the adoption contract and pay the set adoption fee.
Once the application has been received by DERTI. The DERTI Staff will contact the references listed on the adoption application and then schedule an appointment to inspect the property where the horse will be kept. The property being inspected may be a boarding facility but must be staffed by personnel that are well informed in the care, management and feeding of horses. Fencing, buildings and pastures must be safe, clean and free of debris. A field with a run-in shed is preferred. Adopter must, however, have the availability of a stall in case of illness or injury. If an adopter would prefer the horse be kept at their own facility they will be required to follow the inspection guidelines and have the necessary skills to properly care for the horse. See Inspection Guidelines

Our Adopted Pets:

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