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Best of Adopting a Cat

Best of Adopting a Cat

  • Seniors Guide to Adopting a Cat

     While we all can enjoy the unconditional love a companion pet offers, cats can make ideal companions for senior citizens. Pets can offer loyalty, provide joy, and give unconditional love. They can also make excellent nap buddies and lap warmers! Retired senior folks often have more time to spend on caring and loving for their [...]

  • How to Socialize Cats with Other Cats

    New pet adopters often come to us for help answering questions before adopting a new cat. One of the most common concerns new cat owners have is socializing the newly adopted cat with the current feline and canine members of the household.  It might seem like a difficult task, our friends over at PetParents have [...]

  • Your New Cat or Kitten’s First Day

    Congratulations! You must be so excited about bringing your newly adopted cat or kitten! I imagine that’s why you’re here, reading this blog article about the 1st day with your new cat (or kitten). Maybe you adopted one already from a shelter, and are just waiting for him (or her!) to get fixed so you [...]

  • How to pick a pet if you have allergies

    What do you do when you know you have allergies to some or most pets, but still want to adopt one? Maybe cats make your eyes itch and nose run, but you’ve lived with a dog before and didn’t have any allergic reaction to that particular pet. There are as many possible scenarios as there are types [...]

  • Pet Chemistry in Matchmaking

    By pet chemistry, we don’t mean the science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various elementary forms of matter! When we’re talking about match making you and your home with a new pet, the kind of chemistry we’re talking about is “the interaction of one personality with another” and some of [...]

  • 20 Most Popular Pet Names

    As a foster volunteer, I’m always looking around for great names for my foster pets! To help get our creativity flowing and the adoptions going, the rescue I foster volunteer for will suggest pet names along a theme, until a new inspiration strikes.  We’ve recently passed through a fruit phase (Apricot, Mango, Apple, Raisin, Kiwi), [...]

  • Adopting a Cat

    Here are some articles to get your ready for adopting a cat or kitten! They can help after you’ve adopted too. Haven’t adopted yet? Use our “Find a Cat” search to see adorable adoptable cats and kittens near you. If you don’t see your purr-fect match right away, try our Search Saver: new matching kitties [...]

  • Giving Pets as Gifts

    Fluffy Golden Retriever puppies in red gift bows on Christmas morning! Who ever came up with that as an image of a happy American family icon we think probably never had a puppy eat a bunch of wrapping paper and spent the rest of the day at the emergency vet! My personal early childhood trauma [...]

  • Making Your Home More Cat Friendly

    Here, kitty kitty.  Adopting a cat sure can turn you house into a home!  If you’re ready to adopt a feline friend, you may first want to make certain that your home is cat friendly.  By taking a little inventory and double checking your set up, you can make any necessary changes and then rest [...]

  • Can you adopt a black cat before Halloween?

    Did you know many shelters and rescues will not adopt out black cats before Halloween, some even banning black cat adoptions for the entire month of October? These homeless cat organizations believe that black cats are the most likely target of Satanic rituals that take place around Halloween, and feel it is more humane to [...]

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