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Best of Adopting a Dog

Best of Adopting a Dog

  • How to pick a pet if you have allergies

    What do you do when you know you have allergies to some or most pets, but still want to adopt one? Maybe cats make your eyes itch and nose run, but you’ve lived with a dog before and didn’t have any allergic reaction to that particular pet. There are as many possible scenarios as there are types [...]

  • Pet Chemistry in Matchmaking

    By pet chemistry, we don’t mean the science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various elementary forms of matter! When we’re talking about match making you and your home with a new pet, the kind of chemistry we’re talking about is “the interaction of one personality with another” and some of [...]

  • What Size Dog is Best for Me?

    Deciding what size of dog is best for you can be a complex decision. But a little investigation and thought can go a long way in helping you make the right choice! We’re here today to help you with some questions to ask yourself, and to dispel the most common myth about what size of [...]

  • 20 Most Popular Pet Names

    As a foster volunteer, I’m always looking around for great names for my foster pets! To help get our creativity flowing and the adoptions going, the rescue I foster volunteer for will suggest pet names along a theme, until a new inspiration strikes.  We’ve recently passed through a fruit phase (Apricot, Mango, Apple, Raisin, Kiwi), [...]

  • Keeping the Peace in a Multi-Dog Home

    Ever wonder how some people can live with a pack of three, four, or even more dogs who all get along? Maybe you’re reading this article because you have a dog and are wondering how you can adopt or foster a new dog and be sure that they will get along well, if not become [...]

  • Adopting a Dog

    Here are some articles to help you when you’re getting ready to adopt or have already adopted a dog. You can find a dog to adopt by using our Find a Dog Search here. If you don’t see your perfect pooch right away, type your email address into the handy-dandy Search Saver box, and any new [...]

  • Giving Pets as Gifts

    Fluffy Golden Retriever puppies in red gift bows on Christmas morning! Who ever came up with that as an image of a happy American family icon we think probably never had a puppy eat a bunch of wrapping paper and spent the rest of the day at the emergency vet! My personal early childhood trauma [...]

  • Living With Giant Breed Dogs

    My family has historically owned Great Danes, there are sepia-toned photographs of my mother as a child dwarfed by the gentle giants that were her best friends. My sister currently owns a Great Dane rescued from a neighbor who could not care for such a large puppy. Giant dogs do have giant needs! (You can [...]

  • New Study Shows Babies Exposed to Pets at Home are Healthier!

    Another reason to adopt a pet for your family! On top of teaching your kids compassion and providing a home for a deserving friend, we’ve got another pro-pet-adoption point! A recent study from Kuopio University Hospital in Finland shows that babies who live with pets during their first year of life are approximately one-third more likely to [...]

  • Why Outside Only Is Not Best For Dogs

    We’ve all seen it before. We drive by that house every day on our way to work, or maybe it’s a home in our own neighborhood. Unfortunately there are still many people who keep their dogs solely outside. Dogs who are outdoors all the time are often extremely lonely and bored. Their lack of mental [...]

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