• Vet Q&A: Are pets for adoption healthy?

    When I’m volunteering as an adoptions counselor at my local animal shelter, one of the biggest concerns potential pet parents have about the animals for adoption is their health. Are pets for adoption at shelters and rescues healthy? Can my family get sick if they are sick? Pets at shelters are just like pets from [...]

  • How to pill your cat or kitten

    Imagine how it feels trying to swallow an enormous pill without any water. Ack! From a cat’s perspective, making them to swallow a medication pill or capsule without a liquid chaser probably feels worse than than what you just imagined, given the relative size of the pill to the cat’s throat.  That’s one reason why [...]

  • Heartworm risk map and how to protect your pets

    Is your pet at risk for heartworm disease?  The scary truth is, quite possibly. There are a lot of myths surrounding this silent killer and one of the most widespread is that heartworm disease is only an issue for pets in the southern states, only during the summer months, or only when there are a [...]

  • Why Water is So Important for Cats

    Cats, as the story goes, don’t like water. If you’ve ever tried to give a cat a bath you might have told that story! But water is critically important to a cat’s good health, just as it is to humans and other mammals. The challenge with cats is that they evolved from desert carnivores, who [...]

  • Cat Health

    We know that the health of your cat or kitten is very important to you! That’s why we’ve assembled this directory to our blog articles that talk about cat health and kitten health. What’s it like to be a declawed kitten? Declawing your cat What is the best age to spay or neuter? Cat bites [...]

  • Top 5 Ways to Stop Pet Itching

    When my vet recently told me that the number one reason people bring pets to her veterinary hospital is because of itching and related skin issues, I wasn’t surprised. Here in Southern California especially, the dry desert air combined with watered tropical landscaping and natural flora and fauna are a mecca for allergens and itch-causing [...]

  • How to Solve Your Cat Litterbox Problems

    One of the most frustrating behaviors for a cat owner is litterbox issues. If only cats could talk to tell us why they weren’t using their litterbox! There are so many reasons cats completely stop or won’t use their litterbox all the time. It can take some detective work to figure out the reason or [...]

  • An Introduction On Acupuncture For Your Pets

    You may have thought about acupuncture for yourself or somebody you know, but have you thought about it for your pets? Acupuncture is an alternative medicine originating in ancient China that treats patients by inserting thin needles into specific pressure points in the skin. This Eastern therapy has been used for hundreds of years as a way to [...]

  • Get Help with Vet Bills

    Even the most responsible pet owner can be caught with an unexpected and overwhelming potential vet bill. Our vets tell us sadly time and time again of owners that, when faced with their pet’s medical emergency, end up choosing to put their pet to sleep simply because they can’t afford a costly veterinary surgery, and [...]

  • When is a good time to get a pet spay/neutered?

    “Hi! I’ve got a question that I can’t seem to get answered. WHEN is a good time to get a pet spay/neutered? Speaking of an 8 month old female Boxer. Although she is too young to breed at this point, I don’t want her to have any puppies – EVER. So when (or how soon) [...]