Best of Cat Safety

Best of Cat Safety

  • Are collars safe for cats?

    Did you know that a properly tested cat collar can be a life-saver? We have the three important cat collar tests that will keep your cat or kitten safe and happy in their collar! Everyone who knows how many cats are unclaimed in shelters (up to 95% in many areas) can understand the importance of [...]

  • Cat Safety

    Keeping your cat or kitten safe can be challenging, and it is so important! Whether you’re just planning on adopting your first cat or kitten, a new cat or kitten parent, or a super-experienced cat enthusiast, you’ll find these cat safety articles helpful in keeping your feline friend safe, and keeping you safe too. General [...]

  • New Year’s Eve Pet Safety

    Big parties, crowds, fireworks, and… fun? New pet owners often don’t realize that the noise and festivities that often accompany New Year’s Eve – even if you’re staying home and watching them on TV – aren’t much fun for most pets! My dog, like many dogs, is terrified of fireworks. He doesn’t know the ones [...]

  • Holiday Decoration Safety for Pets

    Simon’s cat is adorably troublesome in his Santa Claws video climbing the Christmas tree, knocking the ornaments off one by one, and… well, I won’t spoil the whole thing so you can watch it below! But for non-animated real-life cats and other pets, holiday decorations can pose a real hazard, not just a decorating frustration. [...]

  • Top 5 Winter Hazards for Pets

    Keep your pets safe this winter! Learn more about the Top 5 Winter Hazards for your pets here…. Rock salt, antifreeze and mistletoe – oh my!  The holiday season brings many pleasures to our four-legged friends: family gatherings, big meals, special trips, and in many areas some chilly white fluffy stuff to frolic in.  However, [...]

  • Can you adopt a black cat before Halloween?

    Did you know many shelters and rescues will not adopt out black cats before Halloween, some even banning black cat adoptions for the entire month of October? These homeless cat organizations believe that black cats are the most likely target of Satanic rituals that take place around Halloween, and feel it is more humane to [...]

  • Summertime Pet Safety

    Summer is in full swing! or many of us, that means barbecues, cookouts, beach bonfires, and other outdoor affairs. But what’s a lot of fun for humans can present dangers to our pets, so before your next big backyard bash, add these pet-safety pointers from our friends at to your pre-party checklist – it [...]

  • Fireworks are not Fido’s or Fluffy’s friend

    If you haven’t heard the message yet, now’s the time, and we’ll tell you why: Keep your pets inside so they’ll be safe this 4th of July! As our spokesperson Pia says on her blog today, “…even though fireworks are illegal in many places, there are invariably plenty of neighborhood patriots still lighting them off [...]

  • Emergency Preparedness and Your Pet

    No one likes to think of disaster striking or the need to plan ahead for emergencies, but when it comes to taking care of your animals in these unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, it’s all about planning. It’s vital that we plan ahead of time to make sure that should this scary time come, we are ready to [...]

  • Fireworks & July 4th Pet Safety Tips

    It’s that time of year again! Fireworks are part of many celebrations, and are tons of fun for humans… but not so much for our furry family! July 4th especially can be a day of terror for our dogs and cats. At night the bangs and screeching of fireworks elevate your pets’ fight-or-flight drive. This [...]

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