• Cat Tips

    We cover a lot of cat and kitten topics in our blog articles! The ones we have listed here are our favorite cat tips that don’t really fall into the other categories, but are filled with lots of helping information! Help, I found a stray kitty Free Template: Lost or Found Pet Flyer New Study about [...]

  • Amazing Cat Cardboard Box Castle

    This seemed like an appropriate post for the Boxing Day holiday! What do cats like more than a cardboard box? How about multiple cardboard boxes attached together with cutouts creating tunnels and multilevel fun! We love what this awesome cat-loving owner did for his cat Rufus, to make up for having just gone through a [...]

  • Help, I found a stray kitty!

    Meow! Meow! Meow! Cat rescuers seem to have built in super-hearing when its a cat or kitten’s cries for help! I’ve been asleep and woken up by hearing a meowing kitten under a car in front of my house in the middle of the night. What do you do if you find a stray kitten [...]

  • Condolences for a family pet

    A few weeks ago, I lost my beloved companion dog of 14 years.  Her name was Claire, and I called her my “sweet stubborn soul mate.” Given the choice, she would not let me out of her sight, and her absence created a huge empty space in my life, as well as my heart. With [...]

  • A Quick Guide to Cats… for Dog People

    The inspiration for this article came from a conversation I had with my coworker Katya. She is one of the most dog-savvy dog people I know, a certified dog trainer, who writes amazing dog training and dog behavior articles for Adopt-a-Pet.com, as well as her “Ask Katya” video series Woof University. She told me, “My [...]

  • 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

    We want to thank Whiskers And Leo for sending over this great write-up so that we could share it with you! Thinking of going away this holiday season? Work long hours and need a dog walker or pet sitter? On top of providing high quality, in-home pet care services on the East Coast, Whiskers And Leo are [...]

  • New Study about Lost and Found Pets

    A new scientific study of pet owners published recently reveals some interesting statistics about pet owners and pets that get lost. This was the first study of its kind! The study gathered data about the frequency of pets getting lost from their homes, what percentages of pets were recovered… and perhaps most importantly, revealed what [...]

  • Tips for finding your lost cat

    Did you know that only 2 % of cat owners found their lost pets at shelters? That stomach-wrenching statistic was revealed in a recent issue of the journal Animals, which published the results of a survey of 1,015 pet households over a five-year period. So where do people find their lost cats? Read on to [...]

  • How Love Helped Me Beat My Cat Allergies.

    I am allergic to cats.  My boyfriend has two of them in a rather small house. The first time I visited him, after 15 minutes my eyes itched, my nose ran, and I could not stop sneezing.  So as my very first romantic gift to him, I gave him a brand-new Hepa vacuum cleaner!  It [...]

  • Get Help with Vet Bills

    Even the most responsible pet owner can be caught with an unexpected and overwhelming potential vet bill. Our vets tell us sadly time and time again of owners that, when faced with their pet’s medical emergency, end up choosing to put their pet to sleep simply because they can’t afford a costly veterinary surgery, and [...]