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Best of Dog Basic Care

Best of Dog Basic Care

  • How to Raise a Friendly Puppy

    How do you raise a friendly puppy? Puppy socialization is key! That means exposing your puppy or young dog to a variety of people and situations so he or she becomes accustomed to them. For young puppies, between four and twelve weeks is a critical stage for socialization, and is a period when they quickly [...]

  • Housetraining Your Dog or Puppy

    Happily, housetraining your new dog or puppy can take patience and time, but it is usually not complicated! We have lots of experience from housetraining many foster dogs and puppies, and helping new adopters to easily and kindly train their new canine family member to take care of ‘business’ in the appropriate potty spot. We [...]

  • Top Reasons to Spay or Neuter your Dog or Cat

    For those of us who understand the benefits of spaying and neutering our dogs and cats, it can be hard to comprehend why anyone wouldn’t get their their pets fixed. Those in the know can help by sharing knowledge of the benefits, and debunking the all-to-common myths that are still believed by too many pet [...]

  • How to Crate Train your Puppy or Dog

    Crate training your new puppy or dog can be a wonderful way to help them become housebroken, while keeping┬áhim and your household belongings safe! If the introduction to the crate and use of the crate is done properly, most puppies and even older dogs will enjoy spending time in their special “den”, as can be [...]

  • Puppy Basics – tips for a good start

    Getting ready to adopt a new puppy? These guidelines are not a complete guide to raising a puppy (there are entire books devoted to that topic!) but will give you some of the basics, to help you prepare for the arrival and first few months of your new puppy. This basic training, socialization, and guidelines [...]

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