Best of Dog Behavior and Training

Best of Dog Behavior and Training

  • Shy dog tip: swapping scary for sit

    One of my foster dogs, Iggy, came to me as a super shy young dog. At the shelter, he cowered in the back of the kennel. He was scared of the water hoses used to clean the kennels, running water, people in uniform (like the kennel staff who sprayed the kennels down to clean them), [...]

  • Teach your dog to come when called, and be the envy of the dog park!

    Recall, or coming when called, is an incredibly useful skill for all dogs to have. While it’s often used to keep your pup safe when exploring off-leash, you can also use it when your dog is playing with other dogs to keep the play relaxed and fun! As you can imagine, being able to have [...]

  • Proper Puppy Pee Pad Placement

    Puppy pee pads or puppy training pads can be a huge help when you have a puppy or dog you’re trying to housebreak. Pre-puppy-pee-pads we’d use newspaper, but in the post-puppy-pee-pad era cleanup is so much easier! Puppy pads come in a variety of sizes, but most are layers of absorbent material lined with a [...]

  • Dog Training Tip: Teach your dog to greet guests politely (instead of jumping up!)

    A dog that loves everyone is certainly a wonderful thing, but sometimes that enthusiasm leads to a little too much excitement. Do you find your dog jumping on friends instead of greeting them politely? If you answered yes, this video training tip from our friends at Wagfield is for you!   As you’ll see, we [...]

  • 5 dog leash tips – the best and the safest!

    There are so many different styles of dogs leashes, how do you know what is best and safest for you and your dog? A nylon 4′ leash or a 16′ cord retractable leash like a Flexileash? A 6-foot leather leash or a rope slip-leash? You’re a good pet parent and want to keep your pet [...]

  • A free gift for new puppy parents!

    Puppies can be a popular holiday item! While of course we support adopting a puppy from a local rescue or shelter, even if you or someone you know is buying a puppy from a breeder or pet store, we want to help those puppies stay happily in their new families too. The Puppy Manual is [...]

  • How to make an indoor grass pet potty

    Sometimes dogs or cats need an indoor place to go potty. You might be house training a baby kitten or puppy, getting an outdoor cat used to being and going potty indoors, or perhaps you have an elderly very-housebroken pet who won’t use pee pads and isn’t making it quickly enough to the outside. There [...]

  • The Puppy Manual from

    Getting ready to adopt a new puppy?’s “The Puppy Manual” is not a complete guide to raising a puppy – there are entire books devoted to that topic! However it is a super-helpful and concise 21 pages covering the basics, to help you prepare for the arrival and first few months with your new [...]

  • 10 Tips for Pet’s Fear of Thunderstorms

    Summer is here, and with it, summertime thunderstorms! Do your pets start trembling the moment they hear the low rumbling of thunder in the distance? I’ve seen dogs who will hide under beds or even in bathtubs trying to escape from the “attack” of thunder and lightning. Some pets will go into a total panic [...]

  • Shy dog tip: ignore me please!

    Humans love to love on dogs! Dogs often are overwhelmed by how humans show affection. Humans show their affection toward other humans by looking them right in the eye, giving a firm handshake or big strong hug, laughing loudly, giving a manly strong thump on the back. For a shy dog, that kind of contact [...]

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