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Best of Dog Behavior and Training

Best of Dog Behavior and Training

  • Stop Your Dog’s Territorial Marking Inside

    When a new dog moves into your home, it is not at all uncommon for him or her to feel the need to “raise the yellow flag” and claim their new territory as their own by marking it with some urine. Since many newly adopted dogs are already housebroken, this may just be a one-time [...]

  • Does Your Dog Use His Mouth Too Much?

    Woof University is our series of pet-related training tips, and this week we’re focusing on what to do if you have a dog who uses his mouth too much! Commonly referred to as “mouthing“, this is not to be confused with biting or aggression. Mouthing commonly occurs during play, times of excitement, or sometimes during [...]

  • Overcoming Your Dog’s Fear of Riding In a Car

    Most dogs love car rides! But what if your dog turns into a terrified trembling drooling mess the moment you open the car door? Here are some helpful tips to overcoming your dog’s fear of riding in a car!  Start with baby step building blocks, using rewards for each step if performed without fear. Can [...]

  • Resource Guarding: What Is It & How A Good Trainer Can Help

    One of our wonderful Facebook fans wrote in to ask the following question: ”What is the best way to handle ‘resource guarding’? My puppy recently bit my husband while he was trying to retrieve part of a dead bird from her mouth. She has never been deprived of food or mistreated in any way but seems [...]

  • Create a Greeting Ritual For Your Dog On Walks! (Video)

    We received another #AskKatya question on our Facebook wall! Kari wrote in to seek help with her dog’s tendency to lunge and bark at other dogs while on walks and on leash, even though he gets along great with dogs off leash. This Woof University training video is dedicated to answering that very question! Leash [...]

  • Introducing Your Dog to the Crate! (Video)

    Using a crate (small safe place) to have your dog remain while you are gone should only be done to protect your dog, or for a dog who gets very nervous when left alone.  Confinement to a crate should NEVER be used as punishment.  A nervous dog should love being in their safe small place. [...]

  • My Dogs Don’t Like Strangers Coming Over!

    As you may have heard our resident behaviorist, Katya, has been taking pet-related questions from you all!  Recently, Celia, one of our awesome animal-loving fans posted her question and asked for a little guidance.  Celia wrote: “We rescued two small dogs who had lived their whole lives in a hoarder house with 18 other dogs.  [...]

  • How Can I Help My Dog Learn To Play?

    You may be surprised to learn that not all dogs know how to play. Some pets were not given exposure to play as puppies and therefore might not know what to do with a ball or toy. Other dogs may not have ever been given proper socialization, and might be overall timid, uncertain, or fearful. This [...]

  • How To Hold A Treat When Training Your Dog!

    We’ve got a new series of pet-related training tips to share with you! Check out our recent video by our resident dog trainer, Katya, showing you how to hold a treat in your hand when you’re working with your pup.  Believe it or not, it matters!  This tip can make it easier for you to teach your [...]

  • Help, my new dog escaped from her crate!

    Many adopted pets settle right in to their new home without even turning around three times to lie down! But others need a little more time and help from us to get adjusted. Highly sensitive dogs and cats can be deeply affected by having been abandoned by their previous owner, and the stresses of living [...]

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