• Heartworm risk map and how to protect your pets

    Is your pet at risk for heartworm disease?  The scary truth is, quite possibly. There are a lot of myths surrounding this silent killer and one of the most widespread is that heartworm disease is only an issue for pets in the southern states, only during the summer months, or only when there are a [...]

  • Preventing Motion Sickness in Puppies & Dogs

    A puppy or dog getting motion sick while in a car isn’t much fun for the pooch – or the humans in the car with them! Unfortunately, much like humans, dogs and puppies can also experience a feeling of illness while on car trips. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help your dog [...]

  • Why Does My Dog Have Eye Stains?

    Does your dog get stains under his or her eyes? This can mean that something is preventing your pup’s tears from the normal function of emptying into the nose and down the throat. Often this causes tears to just sit on the fur under the eyes, keeping that area wet. Since fur holds onto moisture and might [...]

  • Dog Health

    The health of your dog or puppy is key to both of your happiness and enjoying a long life together. So we’ve assembled our best dog health and puppy health articles here, just for you! What is the best age to spay or neuter? When is a good time to get a pet spay/neutered? Top [...]

  • Top 5 Ways to Stop Pet Itching

    When my vet recently told me that the number one reason people bring pets to her veterinary hospital is because of itching and related skin issues, I wasn’t surprised. Here in Southern California especially, the dry desert air combined with watered tropical landscaping and natural flora and fauna are a mecca for allergens and itch-causing [...]

  • An Introduction On Acupuncture For Your Pets

    You may have thought about acupuncture for yourself or somebody you know, but have you thought about it for your pets? Acupuncture is an alternative medicine originating in ancient China that treats patients by inserting thin needles into specific pressure points in the skin. This Eastern therapy has been used for hundreds of years as a way to [...]

  • How To Give Your Dog a Massage

    Dim the lights, put on some relaxing spa music, light the peanut butter scented candles… you’re on the right path to give your dog a wonderful relaxing and rejuvenating massage! Just like the scent of your candles would be different to appeal to your pooch, so should your massage technique. Dogs are often very stoic creatures, [...]

  • Stop Your Dog From Getting Into The Litterbox

    Recently someone wrote in an #AskKatya question and asked the following about her new rescue dog: “My adopted dog keeps getting into the cat litterbox! I live in an apartment so my box locations are limited. Are there any other tricks I can try?”  Well, unfortunately it’s not that unusual for a pooch to want [...]

  • Get Help with Vet Bills

    Even the most responsible pet owner can be caught with an unexpected and overwhelming potential vet bill. Our vets tell us sadly time and time again of owners that, when faced with their pet’s medical emergency, end up choosing to put their pet to sleep simply because they can’t afford a costly veterinary surgery, and [...]

  • Why Outside Only Is Not Best For Dogs

    We’ve all seen it before. We drive by that house every day on our way to work, or maybe it’s a home in our own neighborhood. Unfortunately there are still many people who keep their dogs solely outside. Dogs who are outdoors all the time are often extremely lonely and bored. Their lack of mental [...]