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Best of Dog Tips

Best of Dog Tips

  • Get Help with Vet Bills

    Even the most responsible pet owner can be caught with an unexpected and overwhelming potential vet bill. Our vets tell us sadly time and time again of owners that, when faced with their pet’s medical emergency, end up choosing to put their pet to sleep simply because they can’t afford a costly veterinary surgery, and [...]

  • Free Template: Lost or Found Pet Flyer

    You might not think a template is needed for a lost pet flyer or found pet poster, as it is not a very technically complicated thing to create, but when you’ve just lost your pet and are in a panic, or are trying to figure out what to do with a pet you found, you [...]

  • Grieving The Loss Of A Pet

    The loss of a beloved pet can be an incredibly hard thing to deal with.  Feelings of denial, anger, guilt, and most of all sadness are very natural and normal after the passing of a cherished furry friend.  We feel for you and understand your pain.  It is important to be honest about your emotions and [...]

  • Tips for Dog Owners in Multi-Unit Residences

    Our friends over at Bark Busters have put together these great tips for dog owners in multi-user residences! “We all know what joy having a canine companion can bring, no matter where we call home. However, for those who live in multi-unit dwellings, a misbehaved dog whose barking and bad manners disturbs others can easily cause [...]

  • 20 Ways To Be a Better Pet Parent

    This wonderful list was written by one of our favorite veterinarians, Dr. Liz. She’s been a vet in Southern California for over 13 years, helping not only loving pet owners take the best care of their pets possible, but many rescue organizations and the local shelters as well, performing surgeries to help save homeless pets [...]

  • Knowing When to Give Your Dog a Chew Toy

    When you’re home your pooch has everything she needs – interaction, attention, companionship.  But when you go out and leave her to an empty house, keeping your dog occupied can help prevent boredom from leading to bad habits like chewing or other destructive behaviors.  Some dogs get anxious and have what is known as “separation [...]

  • How dog and cat owners can save money

    Most good dog or cat owners know that owning a pet is never a cost-free commitment! While adopting an awesome new family friend from the shelter may not be expensive, you do need to budget for future spending. A good pet owner knows that pets require a lifetime of care, including vet costs, food, toys, [...]

  • Indoor Games with Your Dog

    Time for another helpful guest blog article written by By Liam Crowe, CEO and Master Dog Behavioral Therapist from Bark Busters USA! Can’t Play Outdoors? When the weather outside is frightful, try these indoor games with your dog. All dogs need exercise, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. On those cold, snowy, windy or rainy [...]

  • Sock Chew Toy – The Easy and Free Way to Keep Your Dog Entertained

    Is your dog bored with her same old chew toys? Kongs, Bully sticks, and Raw Hides are excellent chew toys for your dog, and they also give your pooch something to do. Having an activity to work on keeps your pet mentally stimulated, which we all know is as important as keeping your pup physically [...]

  • Creating a Dog-Friendly Backyard

    Creating a dog-friendly backyard brings many benefits such as the dog’s safety, prevention of boredom and attendant misbehaviors, exercise, and enjoyment of nature. Remember, though, that while letting your dog have a free romp in your yard keeps him exercised, active and happy, the yard should be used only as a temporary retreat. Nothing can [...]

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