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  • Stella getting her groove back – grant winner!

    Look at those mesmerizing emerald and golden eyes… can you believe this little beauty was at risk of loosing her life along with all her kittens? Thank goodness for the wonderful rescuers at Seattle Area Feline Rescue (SAFe) who saved Stella once from an overpopulated kill shelter, and now again by giving her the veterinary [...]

  • Honey the Pit Bull is on the Path to Healing!

    Honey was found wired to a park fence in a rough part of town known for dog fighting. Her trembling body was laden with visible injuries that appeared to be bite wounds. An emergency veterinary examination put her on a costly treatment path including some complex facial reconstruction. Without financial support from generous donors like [...]

  • Grant Recipient: The Litter Box Kitty Rescue

    We are so happy to be able to share with you some more stories from one of the Veterinary Care Fund grant recipients! The Litter Box Kitty Rescue, Inc. is one of 10 grant recipients this month. (You can see all the recipient’s applications here!) In the last few months of last year, our [...]

  • Grant Recipient: Georgia House Rabbit Society

    Congratulations to the Georgia House Rabbit Society, one of 10 grant recipients this month! One of the wonderful ways helps shelters and rescues get the pets in their ready for adoption is through grants from our Veterinary Care Fund.  At the end of 2013, we opened up the applications and they poured in [...]

  • Help us add $10,000 to the Veterinary Care Fund

    Are you connected with us on Facebook? If not, there’s never been a better time to join the conversation on our page. For every new “Like” we get in August, $1 will get added to our Veterinary Care Fund – up to $10,000! “Like” us now!  Not familiar with the Veterinary Care Fund?  This life-saving [...]

  • Happy Beginnings: Gia and Gigi

    You probably know by now that usually our Happy Beginnings stories come to us straight from the adopters who’ve given a homeless pet their new happy beginning. (If you have a happy adoption story thanks to, we’d love to hear from you! Email your story with a photo attached to But today we [...]

  • Happy Beginnings: Sushi & Rita

    Here’s another wonderful adoption story… two actually! Both these cats were given a chance at a new happy beginning to the rest of their lives thanks to the combined efforts of an animal shelter who took them in, a rescue group who rescued them, and then two amazing compassionate families that adopted them. We heard [...]

  • Happy Beginnings: Jasper

    Usually our Happy Beginnings stories come to us straight from the adopters who’ve given a homeless pet their new happy beginning. If you have a happy adoption story and photo that you’d like to share and inspire others to adopt a pet, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email with the photo [...]

  • Tweet to Save Pets: Join’s Happy Beginnings Retweet-athon!

    If in exchange for a couple of clicks of your mouse a donation would be made to help homeless pets start a new life, would you click?  If tweeting one simple message could give funding grants to shelters and rescues to save the lives of pets in your own neighborhood, would you tweet it? Of [...]

  • Share pet-kissing photos to raise funds for homeless pets!

    From February 10th through February 14th, is holding the “Great American Pooch Smooch & Kitty Kiss” kiss-a-pawlooza! Spread the love of your pets to homeless pets by sharing your purr-fect and paw-some pet-kissing photos on the Facebook page here. For each pooch smooch or kitty kiss photo posted from February 10th through February [...]

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