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Happy Beginnings

Happy Beginnings

  • Happy Beginnings: Elvis

    Put on “Love Me Tender” and get ready for today’s Happy Beginnings story! Nothing makes us swoon like a  story of how helped a homeless pet find a new loving home. (We’d love to hear yours too, and would be happy to consider it for a future blog post too! Send your Happy Beginnings [...]

  • Happy Beginnings: Jack & Jill

    Today we have a slightly different Happy Beginnings story, times two! Nothing gives us a double-wide smile like a story of how helped a homeless pet or two find a new loving home. (We’d love to hear yours too, and would be happy to consider it for a future blog post too! Send your [...]

  • Our First Ever Cover Pet Search

    Nothing proves to potential adopters that shelter pets are loving, warm, and soulful beings like first-hand accounts from adopters like you. And since a picture says 1,000 words, what better way to get the message across! You know your favorite photo of you with your pet – the one that just exudes happiness and with [...]

  • Happy Beginnings: Sam and Bertie

    Here’s a happy adoption story just in time for the holidays… times two! These adorable puppies were given this chance at their happy beginning to the rest of their lives thanks to the humane society who, seeing past their wild ways and recognizing their potential took them in and began their socialization, and of course [...]

  • Happy Beginnings: Jack aka Brownie

    Yay! It’s time for another Happy Beginnings story, about a homeless pet that found a new loving home, thanks to If you adopted a pet that you found thanks to, we’d love to hear from you! Send your adoption story and photos of your adopted pet to Now back to our story… [...]

  • Foster Failure really is Foster Awesome

    awe·some adjective \ˈȯ-səm\ = terrific, extraordinary, vs. fail·ure noun \ˈfāl-yər\ = lack of success. If you’ve ever volunteered as a foster home for a shelter or rescue, you may have heard the term “foster failure” when a foster home decides they’ve fallen so deeply in love with the pet they are fostering, they decide to become their adoptive [...]

  • Happy Beginnings: Gimzo

    I’ve been fostering dogs and cats for 15 years, and Gizmo is my first “foster awesome” dog! Foster awesome is a rebranding of the commonly used phrase “foster failure” – when a foster volunteer adopts the pet they are fostering. Eight months ago I wasn’t intending on adopting another dog, much less fostering one. That day [...]

  • Happy Beginnings: Lilly

    We loving sharing Happy Beginnings stories about happily adopted pets, and here’s a lovely one about Lilly… “I adopted Lilly, a pure-bred 18-month-old Standard Poodle, through your site in September of 2008. I had been actively searching for a poodle to rescue for a couple of years. I made a 650 mile round-trip from Lubbock, [...]

  • Happy Beginnings: Gia and Gigi

    You probably know by now that usually our Happy Beginnings stories come to us straight from the adopters who’ve given a homeless pet their new happy beginning. (If you have a happy adoption story thanks to, we’d love to hear from you! Email your story with a photo attached to But today we [...]

  • Happy Beginnings: Callie

    While most of our Happy Beginnings stories come from adopters, we do hear some amazing stories of happily adopted pets from the shelters and rescues that list their pets for adoption on too! Here’s one now, from the S.A.V.E. Rescue Coalition in Santa Fe, Texas from their Happy Beginnings grant application: “One of our [...]

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