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Helping Pet Adoption

Helping Pet Adoption

  • Adopting a Dog with Megaesophagus

    Megaesophagus is mouthful of a name for a rare condition that affects dogs, cats, and humans too! Those in the know refer to it as “ME” or “Mega E” and many are passionate about spreading the word to help pet owners and potential adopters understand that megaesophagus can be managed and dogs can lead fairly [...]

  • Help us add $10,000 to the Veterinary Care Fund

    Are you connected with us on Facebook? If not, there’s never been a better time to join the conversation on our page. For every new “Like” we get in August, $1 will get added to our Veterinary Care Fund – up to $10,000! “Like” us now!  Not familiar with the Veterinary Care Fund?  This life-saving [...]

  • What’s Really Wrong With Shelter Pets

    We’ve heard all of the untrue and often downright, absurd stereotypes before. You know, “shelter pets are aggressive” or “shelter pets have all been abused.”  It’s enough to really scare off some adopters not only from saving the life of an animal that really deserves a chance, but experiencing the tremendous gifts that rescue animals [...]

  • Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

    My favorite books from my childhood that I remember the most clearly are ones that told a moral tale, wrapped up in an imaginative story. The Little Red Hen was one I asked to have read to me over and over, and aside from making me love chickens (as friends not food!) I really do [...]

  • N2 the Talking Cat – helping homeless cats everywhere!

    Really, you know what the internet was made for… silly cat videos! N2 the Talking Cat is one awesome example of this phenomena, with millions of videos of his videos on YouTube. We love N2 not just for the way he makes us smile, like in his latest N2 the Talking Cat S3 Ep5 Defender [...]

  • If you’re 55+ Purina may pay for you to adopt a pet!

    How wonderful is this of our friends at Purina: If you’re 55 years or older, you qualify for a free, Purina-funded cat or dog adoption from participating animal shelters while funds are available! Just follow the three easy steps at It’s no surprise that having a pet in your life can help you feel [...]

  • The Friskies 2013 video contest!

    The Friskies video contest is back! You can upload your awesome cat video (before noon ET July 15, 2013) at for a chance at $25,000 in case prizes! And while it’s true that “The Friskies” 2013 is a video contest, it also benefits rescue and shelter cats across the country. Friskies is helping 20 rescue [...]

  • Staff Pets

    Here at, our staffs’ home offices are full of furry & friendly four-footed examples of the wonderful family pets you can find for adoption on! This helps explain why you may have noticed the excellent paw-menship in our email and newsletters, and the melodic barking in the background when you speak to us [...]

  • Take Your Dog To Work Day is June 21, 2013

    Dogs, cats, and heck all pets can make great co-workers! They generally prefer supervisor roles, befitting their skills, but they can also make great break-time activity leaders, and all around stress relievers. This year, Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog To Work Day® is Friday, June 21, 2013. This annual event asks pet lovers to [...]

  • Share This Map & Help Cincinnati Dogs & Cats!

    We are proud to announce that our Google Maps now covers Cincinnati! Our Google Maps makes it easy to realize how many shelters and rescues work in the greater Cincinnati area. Click on the pins and find out what shelters and rescues operate in that area. Then follow the links to see the pets available. [...]

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