• Quick Storage Solutions for Potentially Dangerous Foods

    Sometimes our pets get adventurous and search our homes for things to sniff and eat. And sometimes, they find things that pose a hazard to their health — food in the kitchen, in particular. It’s important to store food out of our pets’ reach to prevent them from getting sick and requiring an emergency trip [...]

  • Preparing for Pets: Fencing Options for Pets of All Shapes and Sizes

    Like most pet owners, you’re probably serious about the safety of your dog or cat. After all, there’s hardly any worse feeling than realizing your furry friend may have escaped. Fortunately, there are a variety of fencing options to put pet owners at ease — and a myriad of materials, styles and price points to [...]

  • Home is where the…
  • Pet Proofing Your Home 101

    If you adopt a new pet, is your home ready to welcome the new addition to the family? While you want your furry new friend to roam, you also want your home in one piece. So take these quick and simple pet proofing steps so everyone is happy and safe.   Closed Doors & Gates [...]

  • Renting with pets

    One of the top three reasons pet owners tell shelters they are giving up their pet is because of “moving” or “landlord” – but with some extra flexibility and knowledge about how to find a pet-friendly rental, or negotiating with your landlord, it doesn’t have to be that way! It is true that finding a [...]

  • Fun Indoor Dog Games

    You’re a great pet parent. Your pup eats only the healthiest of dog foods, and follows the perfect exercise regimen for his age and energy level. Unfortunately, winter or bad weather any time of year can throw a wrench into your morning jogs or afternoon walk routine. Have you ever spent a snow day stuck indoors [...]

  • 3 Tips for Giving the Gift of a Pet

    You may not know that giving a pet as a gift is a hot topic of debate in the animal sheltering and rescue community! Some folks feel very strongly that pets should never be given as gifts in any circumstance, while others think giving pets as gifts is great no matter what… and then there [...]

  • Halloween pet costume fun!

    Does your pet like being dressed up in silly costumes and making you smile? I know my dogs do! They might not be thrilled with the process of getting the costume on and perfectly adjusted, but once the velcro straps are secure, you should see how they strut around! They especially love the “treat” part [...]

  • Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby

    What does your dog expect when you’re expecting? We’ve heard stories of dogs curling around pregnant bellies, stealing baby toys, and many other silly and wonderful stories from our pregnant friends and family about their dogs behavior when a human baby is on the way!  Our friends over at Bark Busters —the world’s largest dog training company—offers [...]

  • I Love Animals, but They’re Destroying My Yard!

    We all love adorable animals, whether they’re our own pets or the cute little rabbits and squirrels that are scurrying around our neighborhoods. But what happens when those cute critters start destroying your yard? Winter is prime time for a variety of animals to be digging through your trash or tearing up your shrubs. A general [...]