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Household Tips

Household Tips

  • 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

    We want to thank Whiskers And Leo for sending over this great write-up so that we could share it with you! Thinking of going away this holiday season? Work long hours and need a dog walker or pet sitter? On top of providing high quality, in-home pet care services on the East Coast, Whiskers And Leo are [...]

  • Prepare Your Cat For Your New Baby

    Getting ready for a new member of the family? Congratulations! Having a baby is an exciting time that also brings about a lot of change, and not just for you and the other people in your home, but also for your four-legged companions. You can get your feline friend prepared for the arrival of a [...]

  • If A Dog Were the Teacher – Dogs Healing People

    Who wakes you in the morning with a silly wide-eyed grin and greets you upon arriving back home? You know who! And it’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? The stress and angst of the day quickly melt away when greeted by your canine friend. You change your clothes and escape together for some play time. [...]

  • 4 Earth Day Tips for Your Pets

    Earth Day 2012 is April 22 and will be on that day for the next 22 years. Every year more and more events are held on Earth Day worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. So what can you do if you’re a pet lover to enjoy Earth Day and reduce [...]

  • Foster cats enjoy a new catio!

    Welcome to my foster cat house & catios! Have you ever dreamed of moving to the country where you could have lots of animals? Or wished you had more room so you could foster more pets? I found out that I didn’t have to wait till I lived on my fantasy 100-acre animal sanctuary to make [...]

  • Lifetime planning for your pet

    Thank you to Amy Shever, Director of 2nd Chance 4 Pets, for writing this informative guest blog article! Have you thought about what would happen to your pets should something happen to you? More than half a million companion animals are surrendered to US shelters each year simply because their human passed away or became ill [...]

  • Pet Food Banks – keeping pets and in homes

    Free pet food pantries are popping in cities and towns across the nation by people concerned about the recession’s effect on pets. We’ve all seen it or read the stories about people having to give up their animals due to financial trouble. Many people don’t know that most states and many cities have pet food banks available [...]

  • Traveling With Your Pet Tips

    Thanks to our friend at the Animal League for sharing these helpful tips for traveling with your furry friend! Some pets really enjoy traveling with their families on vacation – we’ve seen quite a menagerie of pets happily ensconced in their RV rolling down the highway! Other pets need their owner’s help to not get [...]

  • Windows and Pets – Keep Them Safe!

    It may not be something we think about too often, but it is important to pay special attention to keeping pet safe around your home windows. As the temperature rises for summertime, many people begin leaving their windows open for ventilation not realizing their animals can actually fall out. What if Fido sees another dog [...]

  • How You Can Love Both Your Puppy and Your Rug!

    Puppies. They’re incredibly cute and silly. We all love them, but puppies can be quite a challenge if you also happen to like the nice rug in your living room. When my best friend, Jamie, decided to adopt a sweet puppy from her local shelter, she was over the moon with excitement. She couldn’t stop [...]

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