Pet Adoption News

Pet Adoption News

  • You’re Invited to the Adoption Event of the Year

      If you’re looking to add a furry family member to your pack, you don’t want to miss the Homes For Dogs National Adoption Weekend, brought to you by and Coldwell Banker Real Estate! All across the country, awesome dogs will be waiting to meet you and find loving adopters to take them home [...]

  • Video: The Homes For Dogs Project Will Find Love For 20,000 Shelter Dogs This Year!

    The Homes for Dogs Project, which kicked off earlier this month, is a collaboration between Coldwell Banker and and aims to find loving homes for 20,000 of the awesome shelter dogs available for adoption on in 2015. As part of this fun campaign, we recently spent the day with the pet-loving Coldwell Banker [...]

  • Oskar the Famous Special Needs Cat!

    There is an owner for every pet and a pet for every owner. Even the ones with special needs. Caring for special needs pets isn’t a burden – it’s actually an especially rewarding, fulfilling journey! Just ask Mick and Bethany Szydlowski who rescued a blind kitten you may have heard of named Oskar. Oskar is [...]

  • Be a Part of an Amazing Transformation: Foster a Pet

    I dare you to watch these two videos without being totally inspired.  Recently, our own Laurie Wisneski and her husband Frank opened their home to a special foster dog named Chauncy.  Frank, a photographer, volunteers his time with United Hope for Animals, taking amazing photos of the animals in the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter. This [...]

  • Facts about Pet Ownership in the U.S.

    Americans love owning a pets!! That’s a generalization,  but one based on statistical facts from huge surveys that are conducted on an ongoing basis, and compiled every year by some very reputable research organizations. There are some very interesting facts that these studies reveal about pet ownership in the U.S. – and we’ve included some [...]

  • Two Local Animal Shelters Partner With Pet Store

    Recently two Western PA animals shelters announced that they have worked an agreement with a local pet store, and the store will now only carry shelter pets in its inventory only. The entire story can be read at the Pittsburgh We really applaud the hard work of both the Animal Rescue League of Western [...]

  • An Animal Rescue Run By Nearly All Children

    Hard workers who are committed to helping our county’s shelter animals come in all shapes and sizes. The Dalhart Animal Wellness Group and Sanctuary (D.A.W.G.S.) in the Texas panhandle is proof positive of that! This very special animal rescue group is run almost entirely by children. One historic spring in 2003, school teacher Dianne Trull [...]

  • This Year’s Most Dramatic Pet Rescue

    This post is originally from The Daily Wag at and is written by our own Pia Salk. At the beginning of this year, the nation watched on pins and needles as a stranded dog was saved from drowning in the overflowing Los Angles River. Nature doesn’t discriminate among those she affects, and thankfully, neither [...]

  • Adopting A Compassionate Public Policy Toward Pet Adoption

    This post is originally from The Daily Wag at and is written by our own Pia Salk. As of now, the City of West Hollywood has taken a landmark stand for shelter animals. In a compassionate and historic move led by council member Jeffrey Prang, this progressive city council voted to give shelter animals [...]

  • Chardonnay: from puppy mill dog to royalty

    Dear, I adopted a Bichon Frise from Wags to Whiskers, a rescue group I found on your website. Chardonnay was unloved and her sole purpose in life was for monetary gain to the breeders. When she could not longer bear income-producing puppies, she was tossed out. Her entire eleven years was spent in a [...]

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