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Pet Adoption News

Pet Adoption News

  • on People Pets – ‘Wobble’ Cat Is Ready to Stand on Her Own Four Feet is working with to raise awareness of pet adoption. Here is this week’s post: For every pet living with a happy family, there is an animal in a shelter waiting to find a loving home. So today, in honor of Adopt-A-Cat Month, we’d like you to meet Wobbles, a determined 1-year-old cat we [...]

  • Good News In Pet Adoption 6.11

    This week news of a interesting way to raise awareness about pet adoption. The Nevada Humane Society  hosted a marathon Pet Adoptathon at its shelter on Longley Lane, where they stayed open for 36 straight hours.

  • Sol the rescued Maltese gets his sight back!

    Don’t you just love an inspiring rescue story? Even more so when it includes a video showing the amazing before and after… like with adorable little Sol! This is a happy video – no tissues required. Sol y Sombra an adorable little blind Maltese, was turned in by his owner to the Downey Shelter in [...]

  • Good News In Pet Adoption 4.30

    This week features a story in which students chose what they call an alternative spring break. Spring break used to be synonymous with beer and bikinis. But these days, a large and growing number of college students are spending their precious time off helping abandoned pets, underprivileged kids, disabled veterans, or disaster victims. At the [...]

  • May Is National Pet Month

    Pets give us so much joy. They make us laugh. They share their unconditional love. We share our lives together. National Pet Month celebrates the benefits of pet ownership and supports pet adoption. First to pets, helping them live happy, satisfied lives. And to pet owners, helping you celebrate and nurture your pets. Show Your [...]

  • Good News In Pet Adoption 4.23

    This week we have a truly unique story of a program in PA which matches abused animals with inmates to encourage a mutually beneficial relationships of healing. The dogs live with the inmates in their cells. The inmates are responsible for feeding and caring for the animal at all times. The dogs usually spend between [...]

  • Good News In Pet Adoption 4.16

    This week we have a story of a local group of folks who used social media tools and word of mouth to save the lives of several animals scheduled for euthanasia. Lewisburg Animal Shelter Adoptions (LASA) was recently “created by local Lewisburg animal lovers wishing to network our community’s homeless dogs,” according to their Facebook [...]

  • Good News In Pet Adoption 4.9

    This week news that MD may ban puppy sales of dogs less than 9 months old. A proposed bill in the Senate would ban the sale of puppies under the age of nine months at Maryland pet stores as a way to combat puppy mills. According to the National Humane Society, a majority of puppies [...]

  • Good News In Pet Adoption 3.26

    This week news that West Hollywood will ban pet sales, of all animals that are not from shelters. The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to ban stores from selling cats and dogs in a move aimed at curbing puppy mills and kitty factories. Pet shops will be permitted, however, to offer animals from shelters. City [...]

  • Good News In Pet Adoption 3.5

    This week features a story from CA where a community came together and helped end puppy mill sales of one local pet store. Owners of a Rocklin pet store say they were flooded with e-mails and phone calls, asking them to stop selling purebred puppies. The requests started soon after a Roseville pet store which [...]

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