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Pet Health and Safety

Pet Health and Safety

  • Vet Q&A: Are pets for adoption healthy?

    When I’m volunteering as an adoptions counselor at my local animal shelter, one of the biggest concerns potential pet parents have about the animals for adoption is their health. Are pets for adoption at shelters and rescues healthy? Can my family get sick if they are sick? Pets at shelters are just like pets from [...]

  • How to pill your cat or kitten

    Imagine how it feels trying to swallow an enormous pill without any water. Ack! From a cat’s perspective, making them to swallow a medication pill or capsule without a liquid chaser probably feels worse than than what you just imagined, given the relative size of the pill to the cat’s throat.  That’s one reason why [...]

  • Fourth of July Fireworks Pet Safety

     As the end of June looms, I start to make my checklist and gather my Fourth of July supplies… if you’re thinking that includes a picnic blanket, some bug spray, and paper plates, you haven’t lived with a pet who starts anxiety drooling and pacing as the sun goes down in the days leading up [...]

  • Heartworm risk map and how to protect your pets

    Is your pet at risk for heartworm disease?  The scary truth is, quite possibly. There are a lot of myths surrounding this silent killer and one of the most widespread is that heartworm disease is only an issue for pets in the southern states, only during the summer months, or only when there are a [...]

  • Summer heat safety for pets

    We love veggie hot dogs, but real hot dogs – as in overheated canines – are no fun! Neither are hot cats, hot rabbits, or any other hotter-than-comfortable pets. As temperatures soar and humans take shelter inside air conditioned and fan cooled homes, it’s important to remember that pets can experience heatstroke and other dangerous [...]

  • Preparing Your Dog for His / Her First Trip to the Groomer

    By Amy Tokic, Editor of If your pooch is starting to look a little ruff around the edges maybe it’s time for a trip to the dog groomer. There are a few ways to help make this experience with your dog or puppy go smoothly. First brush your dog at home, and if you [...]

  • Dog Infographics

    Can you help us raise awareness for homeless dogs? Help promote dog adoption by grabbing one of the graphics below and posting them to your blog or website. It’s that simple to be a hero and help others learn how to prepare for a four legged addition to the family or household. Our graphics help [...]

  • In Case Your Dog is Lost –

    The thought of losing your dog is of course not a fun thing to consider, but the digital age has brought us more tools to help in the event it does happen. One of the sites we applaud to help with reuniting you with a lost dog is has reunited hundreds of lost [...]

  • Are collars safe for cats?

    Did you know that a properly tested cat collar can be a life-saver? We have the three important cat collar tests that will keep your cat or kitten safe and happy in their collar! Everyone who knows how many cats are unclaimed in shelters (up to 95% in many areas) can understand the importance of [...]

  • Holiday Decoration Safety for Pets

    Simon’s cat is adorably troublesome in his Santa Claws video climbing the Christmas tree, knocking the ornaments off one by one, and… well, I won’t spoil the whole thing so you can watch it below! But for non-animated real-life cats and other pets, holiday decorations can pose a real hazard, not just a decorating frustration. [...]

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