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Pet Heroes

Pet Heroes

  • A Sanctuary for Blind Cats

    While we absolutely love special needs pets, we understand why they are overlooked by many potential adopters, who don’t understand what limitations a pet’s disability may mean. Some handicaps do pose significant challenges, while others us humans might think would be so hard to live with… well, for our optimistic and adaptable four-footed friends, they [...]

  • In Memory… Blue’s Poem

    Losing a pet is one of the most difficult parts about sharing our lives and hards with our four-footed friends. This beautiful poem about pet loss was submitted to us by someone who wishes to remain anonymous: “I wanted to pass along Blue’s Poem. I wrote this last night, after my beloved, sweet rescue dog passed [...]

  • Dogs that sniff out cancer

    Last month Time Magazine reported that dogs are being trained and can successfully sniff out lung cancer more reliably than traditional tests currently used by most doctors! A dog’s sense of smell is infinitely better than a humans, some sources say 100 times better, while others report up to 1,000 times better, so it’s no [...]

  • Search Dogs from 9/11

    Immediately following the attacks of 9/11, nearly 100 trained search dogs and their handlers—enlisted from 18 U.S. states—were deployed by FEMA to join the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Alongside firemen and other teams sorting through the debris, the dogs worked tirelessly around the [...]

  • From Death Row Shepherd to Deputy Dog

    This is a story about how one dog went from a Death Row at an Animal Shelter to having his own scrapbook of heroic achievements. German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County (GSROC) learned of a male 1 year old German Shepherd at the Devore Animal Shelter in November 2006. Jambalaya, who quickly became known as [...]

  • Austin, Texas Is Working Hard to Help Homeless Pets

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Texan. Originally from a small town in Texas, and now with my parents living in Austin, I admit I pay attention to what goes on there because my family is there, my roots are there. But I’m also paying attention because Austin, Texas is doing great [...]

  • Be a Part of an Amazing Transformation: Foster a Pet

    I dare you to watch these two videos without being totally inspired.  Recently, our own Laurie Wisneski and her husband Frank opened their home to a special foster dog named Chauncy.  Frank, a photographer, volunteers his time with United Hope for Animals, taking amazing photos of the animals in the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter. This [...]

  • Hero of the Month: You Can Help We Luv Paws Sharpei Rescue

    Friends, this month we’d like to introduce you to a very special group that really needs your help in order to continue their life-saving work.  Meet We Luv Paws Sharpei Rescue.  Based in the Chicago area and powered by Carol Judge, her husband Bill, and fellow rescuer Jen Fortner, We Luv Paws has saved the [...]

  • Vet students help local shelter’s adoptions!

    It’s not that uncommon for veterinary students to help out at their local animal shelter, trading their time and skills for hands-on learning experiences. But typically the time they spend is as interns or assisting the vet staff, practicing drawing blood, handling animals, and other medicine-related tasks. However veterinary students at the University of Florida [...]

  • Rescued animals that helped save lives

    In a recent issue of one of our favorite magazines, Rally To Rescue, we read a particularly inspiring article about rescued dogs and cats who in turn, helped rescue their rescuers! There’s Champ the Beagle who was found nearly burned to death, a Siamese cat who repeatedly pounced on his owner until he woke up [...]

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