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Resource Center: Living With a Dog



  • Why Might I Want to Consider Adopting an Older Dog Instead of a Puppy?

    Would you like to get a new dog that’s already housebroken, already had his shots, already been spayed or neutered, and who’s more than willing to learn a few new tricks? It sounds too good to be true, but a family-friendly older dog can be all that, and more. You may think you want a [...]

  • Children’s Roles in Pet Care

    First, it’s great that you want to share the responsibility of pet ownership with your children. However, it’s important that you assign age-appropriate tasks. Here are a few examples of what you may expect: Toddlers A toddler can help parents with pet care simply by being involved — “helping” a parent fill food and water [...]

  • Being a Good Pet Neighbor

    As you enjoy your pet’s companionship, a little extra effort on your part will teach him to be a good neighbor. Ideally this should begin when your pet is young. However, at any age, a dog can be trained to obey at least the basic commands. One of the best ways to teach your dog [...]

  • Welcoming Your Newcomer

    Helping your new canine friend adapt to his  new home will be easier if you plan ahead. If you have all a dog’s basic needs in place you can focus on introducing him to his new surroundings and begin his training. [See all our other puppy and dog articles in our Doggie Tips section!] Do [...]

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