Red and Howling Cartoons

Red and Howling Cartoons

  • Top Toxic Spring Plants for Pets

    Spring is here and we’re loving the great weather and flowers blooming all around us! But, some of those gorgeous plants are actually toxic to pets. Did you know that these Spring plants are toxic to pets? SHARE to keep other pet lovers in the know!!! You can like and share this and more great cartoons [...]

  • Wonderful Life with Dog

    TRUTH! Once you’ve had the love of a dog (or ANY pet) it’s impossible to live without it. Pets make life so special. Ready to experience that feeling for yourself? Millions of amazing animals are awaiting adoption right now. Search for them at! If you like this cartoon, like our Facebook page at  for more cartoons [...]

  • Doggie belly rubs

     Who doesn’t love a dog who loves to get a nice belly rub? - (cartoon from our friends Redandhowling)

  • 2015 New Year’s Resolution – Spend more time with fur babies!

    Yep, that about sums up our resolutions for 2015. How about you? - (cartoon from our friends Redandhowling)

  • Do pets make good gifts?

    Recently in the animal shelter and rescue world, we’ve seen a shift among many staff and volunteers about giving pets as gifts. Yes, you still do hear some saying that pets should never be given as gifts. Many hold on to the belief that pets given as gifts are likely to not be as wanted, [...]

  • The Danger of Sock Snacks

    Dr. Dog is back with a really important warning for pet owners! Share to keep people in the know on the dangers of pets ingesting clothing. It happens way more often than you might think! This important message is courtesy of our friends at Redandhowling.

  • Don’t have an Oopsie Daisy

    Don’t have an “Oopsie Daisy” – Spay and neuter your pets!! 

  • Every day is hump day

    Today may be Thursday, but EVERY day is hump day! LIKE if your pets are spayed or neutered and SHARE to spread the word. RedandHowling: Musings on Dogs, Cats & Other Bundles of Love.

  • Dogs in heaven

    So pure. So true.  RedandHowling: Musings on Dogs, Cats & Other Bundles of Love.

  • The Dangers of Dark Chocolate for Pets

    Whoa! Did you know that dark chocolate is even more dangerous to pets than milk chocolate? Good to know and share with friends to keep pets safe! RedandHowling: Musings on Dogs, Cats & Other Bundles of Love.

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