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Rescue Videos

Rescue Videos

  • Rescue Video: Toto’s Turnaround Will Warm Your Heart

    Some rescues are more challenging than others. Meet Toto, a scared and neglected pup who, at first, fears his rescuer. But a little love works wonders. Watch how Toto makes a heartwarming turnaround in this new video from Eldad Hagar.

  • The Way This Homeless Dog Thanks Her Rescuer will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

    When Annie Hart received a call that a homeless poodle was hit by a car and needed her help, she didn’t think twice and raced to the scene. Having rescued numerous animals from the throes of despair, she had seen it all. But she wasn’t prepared for the sweet and gentle way sweet Layla would [...]

  • Dogs Rescued Together Reveal The True Meaning Of Friendship

    This amazing video’s title really sums it up perfectly, “A Dog Rescue Video That Will Make You Laugh, Smile & Believe In True Love!” Rescue From The Heart is a nonprofit animal rescue in Los Angeles. Their founder, Annie Hart, has a wonderful talent for capturing stray dogs that have often eluded capture by other [...]

  • Touching Video: Crosby’s Story

    Every creature deserves the chance at a life full of love and happiness. In this touching video, Crosby – a sweet pup born with a deformity – is given just that. Watch as this beautiful boy reaches his full potential. What an amazing story! (If you are reading this on our main blog page, please [...]

  • Rescue Video: Theo

    Theo had been roaming the streets of Compton, California for a year before he was rescued. Neighbors said his family had moved and left him behind to fend for himself. Theo was dirty, hungry, and scared. But then Hope for Paws found out about him and made it priority #1 to save this little guy. [...]

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