• To-do list before a trip with your dog

    What’s on your packing and to-do list before a trip with your dog? Traveling with your dog can be an incredibly fun and memorable experience, if you’re well-prepared. But forgetting an important necessity or failing to take one of these steps ahead of time could turn that relaxing vacation into a travel nightmare! Check out these super-useful [...]

  • Moving with your pets

    Last month I moved with my pets. It had been over a decade since I last moved, even though I consider myself a “pro” at moving with pets, there were still some surprises! My moving experience has been mostly long-distance moves, the kind that took me and my dogs and cats around the world or [...]

  • Pet Travel 101

    To bring or not to bring your pet along on a vacation trip with you, that is the question! Of course if your trip is to make a permanent move, you’ll be taking your pet with you. But holiday or vacation travel, especially if it is for extended periods to pet-friendly locales like when you’re [...]

  • Traveling with your Pet Thanksgiving Day? Pet Travel Tips for the Road

    Are you taking a Thanksgiving Day road trip with your pet?  Before you start dreaming of homemade pies, keep in mind that it’s important to plan ahead for pet travel and always keep the best interests of your furry, four-legged friend in mind.  Here is an article by our animal-loving friend Kim Salerno at TripsWithPets.com about how traveling [...]

  • Emergency Preparedness and Your Pet

    No one likes to think of disaster striking or the need to plan ahead for emergencies, but when it comes to taking care of your animals in these unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, it’s all about planning. It’s vital that we plan ahead of time to make sure that should this scary time come, we are ready to [...]

  • Dog Friendly San Diego: Fiesta Island

    “Marking Our Territory” the fun blog series on Petcentric has hit the West Coast! Have you been following the adventures of Eko and his owner Will as they make their way across the USA checking out dog-friendly places from New York City to San Diego and everywhere in between? Fiesta Island is the latest stop, [...]

  • Traveling across the Country – Just a Man and His Dog!

    Imagine taking off, just you and your canine best friend, on a great adventure across the country.  That’s exactly what a blogger named Will and his dog Mr. Eko are doing. With the support of petcentric.com, they’ve set out on the road looking for adventure and trying to find the best pet-friendly destinations the country [...]

  • Moving Long Distance with Your Pets

    Moving with your pets across town can be as easy as a trip to the vet, but what about across a longer distance? Really, it is not that much more difficult, especially if you plan ahead and know what to expect! Take it from me. Within a 6-year period I moved with my 40-pound adopted [...]

  • Flying with Your Pets

    Trips with your pets can be lots of fun! Once you get there that is. Traveling with your pet on an airplane can be one of the most stressful and potentially dangerous ways you can travel with your pet. How can you make the experience as safe and enjoyable for you and them as possible? [...]

  • Dog Travel: Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

    You’re ready to get out of town for a little R & R, but you’re uncertain whether traveling with your dog in tow will provide either of those Rs. For the well-prepared dog owner, traveling with a pet is a fun and rewarding experience. If staying with friends at your destination, don’t assume your dog [...]