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Catify Yourself!

Posted by Jennifer on January 21st, 2013

There is nothing wrong… and perhaps a lot of good… from being seriously silly sometimes! We would put the rather awesome Friskies┬« Catify Yourself App squarely in that cat-egory. If word cat-ification makes you groan you may want to stop reading this article right now and head directly over to either the Facebook App or the iTunes Store for your free iPhone or Ipad App. If you want to see a few sample screenshots of what your catified photo will look like, click on the iTunes link. In the iApp version you can “Send a message to your friends from a cat-like you with Friskies┬« Catify Yourself. It’s simple to do! Choose one of 10 cat templates, take a photo or choose one from your Photos, then add one of 30 optional captions. Make your photos hilarious, cute, or just plain strange.” The Facebook app version has a bunch of templates to choose from, then you can add a caption, and save and share if you dare! Both apps are purrrfectly family friendly too. Go on, get silly, catify yourself!
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