Chardonnay: from puppy mill dog to royalty

Posted by David on September 27th, 2010

pet-adoption-picDear, I adopted a Bichon Frise from Wags to Whiskers, a rescue group I found on your website. Chardonnay was unloved and her sole purpose in life was for monetary gain to the breeders. When she could not longer bear income-producing puppies, she was tossed out. Her entire eleven years was spent in a 4×5 cage.

She joins another adoptee Bichon Frise, Sir Lancelot, whose story was the same. Both are now living lives of royalty in my home in the country. Chardonnay went from a breeding dog to queen of the ball when she attended the Rescue the Animal Furball on Saturday. She now has her own designer gowns, a princess bed, her own dinnerware, at-home grooming, and the very best of medical care.  She is pure joy.

Thank you!
Camellia C.

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