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Happy Beginnings: Liam

Posted by Jennifer on April 29th, 2013

“Little baby Liam is doing just great settling into his new home!! Thank you for all that you do!” This happy email was accompanied by the adorable kitten photo you see here, sharing the happy news of another Happy Beginning of a pet found on and adopted! His adopter went on to say she found him through and, “He was at PPAW in Greenback, TN! He’s a joy to have! We recently lost our two cats. They unfortunately got into some kind of poison in our neighborhood and passed away with in a week. It was awful. But we soon started looking for another furry friend, one that we could keep as an indoor-only pet. I got online and looked and saw little Liam and I just loved him already. We went and picked him up the day we saw him! And now he is all settled in and the whole family has just fell in love with his cute little self! And he will be an indoor cat only. We don’t want anything to happen to the little guy. His name actually came from the daughter of the woman who fostered him until we got him. There were 4 kittens in the litter and she named them after the boy band One Direction, and we just thought that it suited him well and decided to keep it!” Thank you Destiny for sharing your story, Liam’s photo, and for adopting a pet! Did you find your newly adopted pet on Email us at if you’d like to share your Happy Beginning and inspire others to adopt too!

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