If you are expecting a baby… what about your cat?

Posted by Jennifer on February 7th, 2012

You may have heard of a friend or family member who was told by their doctor that they had to give up their cat because of a disease risk to their unborn baby. Or maybe it even happened to you! Is that a wives tale, or is there some truth to that concern? Our wonderful friend Franny , the Guide of the Cats section at About.com, gives the scoop on the real story: “You do NOT have to get rid of your cat! Now that I have your attention: Pregnancy when you have a cat presents some challenges, but don’t worry, none of them are even remotely insurmountable. You just need a little planning and know-how. Cats and babies have coexisted peacefully for thousands of years. This article deals with preparing for a new baby.” Thank you Franny, for laying that myth to rest! The article goes on to  point out that, “many people naturally acquire an immunity to toxoplasmosis, and will not pass it on to their unborn child. In fact, the chances are that you have already been exposed to toxoplasmosis by handling raw meat or gardening without gloves.” Or possibly by volunteering at an animal shelter or rescue where you’ve been socializing cats or helping clean litterboxes or their kennels too. So now you know and share this truth with any of your pregnant friends and family too!

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