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Operation Baghdad Pups

Posted by Jennifer on May 30th, 2012

Meet four-legged heroes who help soldiers cope behind enemy lines! Meet Bougie, Victory and Jasmine. Even though they look like normal dogs, they are anything but! Theses dogs all come from the war zone of Iraq. They now enjoy a better life in the US, thanks to the love of the military personnel that found them and Operation Baghdad Pups, the organization that brought them to their new home in the US. You can see these dogs in action in this video feature on PetCentric TV which includes an interview with the organization’s founder, and the soldiers who benefitted from the pet both while they were serving in Iraq, and now back home.

The Operation Baghdad Pups website says: “U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan befriend local animals as a way to help cope with the emotional hardships they endure every day while deployed in a war zone.  The Operation Baghdad Pups program provides veterinary care and coordinates complicated logistics and transportation requirements in order to reunite these beloved pets with their service men and women back in the U.S. These important animals not only help our heroes in the war zone, but they also help them readjust to life back home after combat.”

What a wonderful organization, and what a way to show gratitude to the men and women of the military!

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