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Happy Beginnings: Marley

Posted by Jennifer on January 19th, 2015

Marley-happy-adoption“This is my beautiful Marley she is the love of my life. Sooooo sweet and she loves to cuddle. I got her at pets by Judy in Sanford on Thanksgiving day. Her picture and story showed up on my cell phone from your website. I fell in love in that instant. Thank you for your help without you I would not have found my new baby to love. My beloved Julie passed Oct 28. I have been lost since.  I will make a donation when I get my disability check in Dec. You have made an old lady in a wheelchair very happy.  Sincerely Lise  & Marley” — Lise you’ve made us here at very happy too! We love hearing stories about how helped a homeless pet find a new loving home. We’d love to hear your Happy Beginnings story too! Send your pet adoption story to with a photo or two, and tell us how helped you with your adoption. Thank you for adopting a pet and saving a life! Read More

Rescue Video: Toto’s Turnaround Will Warm Your Heart

Posted by Dana on January 15th, 2015

Toto-on-the-streetSome rescues are more challenging than others. Meet Toto, a scared and neglected pup who, at first, fears his rescuer. But a little love works wonders. Watch how Toto makes a heartwarming turnaround in this new video from Eldad Hagar. Read More

Preparing for Pets: Fencing Options for Pets of All Shapes and Sizes

Posted by Guest Author on January 15th, 2015

brick-deckLike most pet owners, you’re probably serious about the safety of your dog or cat. After all, there’s hardly any worse feeling than realizing your furry friend may have escaped. Fortunately, there are a variety of fencing options to put pet owners at ease — and a myriad of materials, styles and price points to choose from. Here are six of the most popular. Read More

Stella getting her groove back – grant winner!

Posted by Jennifer on January 8th, 2015

Stella-grant-winnerLook at those mesmerizing emerald and golden eyes… can you believe this little beauty was at risk of loosing her life along with all her kittens? Thank goodness for the wonderful rescuers at Seattle Area Feline Rescue (SAFe) who saved Stella once from an overpopulated kill shelter, and now again by giving her the veterinary care she needs to get healthy and go up for adoption! is proud to be helping SAFe with Stella’s vet care costs with a grant from our Veterinary Care Fund. That’s thanks in part to our generous sponsors, and donors like you too! Read More

Devoted Not Damaged #Considerashelterpet

Posted by Dana on January 5th, 2015

consider-a-shelter-pet Why would you #ConsiderAShelterPet? A sad but true fact is that many people have false ideas of who shelter pets are. They believe them to be emotionally damaged from past trauma or plagued by behavioral challenges that are too great to take on. Well, there’s good news in debunking these myths! The awesome pet lovers at Purina have launched a cool program that you will definitely want to get involved with. “Meet the Real Me” is a multimedia campaign that aims to show people who shelter pets really are: they are brave, not broken; they are devoted, not damaged; they are hopeful, not hopeless. They are so many wonderful things and we can tell the world by joining together across social media with the hash tag #ConsiderAShelterPet. Read More

nye-fur-babiesYep, that about sums up our resolutions for 2015. How about you? Read More

Tips for a happy New Year’s Eve with your pets

Posted by Jennifer on December 31st, 2014

Dog-Cat-fireworksHappy New Year! New Year’s Eve is tonight. Are you and your pets ready? If you’re having a party at your house, consider safely containing even the most social party animal for his and her safety. You may think your pets seem happy, but cats, dogs and other pets are excellent at hiding stress (a survival instinct). Make a quiet party for your pets in a separate room with their favorite music, toys, and if you can’t lock it, a sign on the door reminding guests not to enter. Going out? Our tips can still help your pets ring the new year in with style. Read on for our NYE countdown of tips for you and your pets. Read More

Do pets make good gifts?

Posted by Jennifer on December 23rd, 2014

tis-the-season-to-adopt-a-petRecently in the animal shelter and rescue world, we’ve seen a shift among many staff and volunteers about giving pets as gifts. Yes, you still do hear some saying that pets should never be given as gifts. Many hold on to the belief that pets given as gifts are likely to not be as wanted, and therefore not as well cared for or as happy, as pets acquired by the person themselves. They’re not swayed by the studies that show that pets given as gifts are statistically returned to shelters less than adopted pets, because those studies don’t consider the quality of life that pet may have if they are in a home but not really wanted, just there because the gift receiver was too guilty or embarrassed to give away a gift given to them. Most folks though now agree that pets can make WONDERFUL gifts! They key is to carefully consider the individual person, home, the individual pet, and ideally involve the adopting family in the pet selection and adoption process. So what are some things to consider about giving the gift of a pet? Read More

Home is where the…

Posted by Dana on December 22nd, 2014
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