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Why and how to… train your cat to come when called

Posted by Jennifer on October 13th, 2014

did-you-say-treatsOne of the first things I start doing the first day I have a new foster cat is to teach him or her to come when called. This isn’t just a party trick! Just like for dogs, teaching your cat “recall” or to come to you when you make a particular sound or say a particular word can save your kitty’s life one day. While we very strongly recommend that all cats be kept safely as indoor-only pets, accidents can happen. Visitors, a door or window that doesn’t close properly, or even natural disasters can cause your cat to get lost from your home. If your cat gets out unintentionally, having a recall word or sound will help your cat come out of hiding and come back to you. I’ve seen it work for a newly adopted and newly escaped cat who dashed out of his new home’s front door just a few days after going to her new home! Here’s how to train your cat using positive reinforcement to come to you when you call or make your special cat-come-to-me sound. Read More

Don’t have an Oopsie Daisy

Posted by Dana on October 10th, 2014

Don’t have an “Oopsie Daisy” – Spay and neuter your pets!! Oopsie-daisy Read More

Book Review: Catification by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin

Posted by Jennifer on October 6th, 2014

Catification-big-eyesCan you see the excitement on my foster cat’s face? He has been listening to me oooh and ahh over the ideas in Jackson Galaxy’s newest book Catification - Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!) and he can’t wait for me to get started on some of the projects I bookmarked! You may be wondering, what is catification? Jackson says, “The Catification process starts by understanding how your cat sees the world.” It ends with you making your home into a well-designed environment for both you and your cat! This book starts out by helping you understand where Catification ideas come from, as well as the terms Jackson and his co-author Kate use when talking about cats and the designing process. If you start out by skipping ahead like me you may miss out on the full meaning of what’s a Beach Dweller or The Cat Superhighway, and part of the fun of this book! Speaking of fun,  I counted thirty-four “Catification in Action” projects in this advance copy, wow. Even if you are DIY challenged and on very tight budget, there’s such a range of ideas for all types of people, cats, and homes.  The projects are a mix of photos and stories from Jackson’s TV show My Cat from Hell, along with user submitted projects and photos. Even if you’ve seen every episode from all five seasons, the TV episode ones are behind-the-scenes looks at the cats, the issues, and the Certification part of the behavior solutions. The user submitted projects are from around the world, and include the projects described in their creator’s own words, along with comments by Jackson and Kate highlighting what’s so great about them and sometimes how they could go even a step further. So which projects will I be taking on? Read on to find out… Read More

Why do dogs chew?

Posted by Jennifer on October 2nd, 2014

Why-dogs-chewOur friends over at Purina created this simple graphic to help you understand some of the key reasons that puppies and dogs often like to chew. It’s important to give your puppy or dog appropriate chew toys and treats so they can have relieve pent up stress and energy… and have some fun! It’s also important, of course, to keep things like shoes and other chew-licious items safely out of your dog or puppy’s reach, as they can chew off chunks of material which could cause a life-threatening intestinal blockage. Even chew toys designed for dogs often say to allow your dog to chew only when supervised, in case your pup has Godzilla-like chewing power. Chewing appropriate things also can help keep teeth and gums strong, clean, and healthy. Let’s hear it for chewing! Read More

Do dogs like to be pat on the head? (With videos!)

Posted by Jennifer on September 29th, 2014

dog-being-pet-on-headThere’s just something so appealing about the smooth or shaggy top of a dog’s head. Cats too, but humans haven’t passed down the tradition of patting a strange cat on the head! The truth is, most dogs don’t like be patted – as in a tap tap tap motion with our hand – on the top of their head. Look at Gizmo in the photo, a classic closing of the eyes and moving his head away from being pat. So why do we humans continue this tradition? Well, dogs heads are often the closest part of the dog to our hand that isn’t a part that we obviously don’t want to pet, like say their nose or their eyes. Then there’s what we learned as children, since humans often show each other affection in this way. Think of a mother comforting her child, stroking their hair soothingly – essentially petting them on the head. Humans learn from other humans and that’s why we continue the dog pat on the head routine. Read More

Every day is hump day

Posted by Dana on September 25th, 2014

hump-day Today may be Thursday, but EVERY day is hump day! LIKE if your pets are spayed or neutered and SHARE to spread the word. Read More

Were you rescued by a pet?

Posted by Jennifer on September 15th, 2014

Dogs in heaven

Posted by Dana on September 12th, 2014

Moving with your pets

Posted by Jennifer on September 9th, 2014

cat-in-box-packing Last month I moved with my pets. It had been over a decade since I last moved, even though I consider myself a “pro” at moving with pets, there were still some surprises! My moving experience has been mostly long-distance moves, the kind that took me and my dogs and cats around the world or across the country. This time I was “only” moving about a half an hour away, but as anyone who’s done a local move with or without their pets before can tell you, you still have to pack everything and plan ahead to make sure everyone arrives safely! Here are some planning and safety tip checklists for locally moving with your pets. Read More

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