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So cute! Sleeping adopted puppy and baby

Posted by Jennifer on June 2nd, 2014

sleeping-puppy-babyBlogger Jessica Shyba created a viral phenomena with her amazing photos documenting her son and their newly adopted puppy snuggling during their naps together. Our friends over at Petcentric write, “Jessica’s eye for coo-worthy moments between her son, Beau, and sleeping dog, Theo, (and the rest of the family) have spawned an Instagram account that has exploded in popularity through the hashtag #theoandbeau.” Through Jessica’s artful photography, you and her 454,583 other followers can keep up with the puppy and baby as they grow up together. She’s also publishing her favorite photos as a book, available for pre-order now, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Santa Cruz SPCA, where they rescued Theo. We think that makes these photos even cuter! Read More

New Cat Adopter Question: Daily walks?

Posted by Jennifer on May 26th, 2014

cat-bed-litter-panLike curious children exploring their world, new cat adopters never cease to delight pet adoption counselors with their unusual questions! Even after 15 years of pet adoption counseling, I can still be surprised with what they ask. Last week a new cat adopter who’d had dogs before but not cats, asked, “Do I need to take Fluffy out for daily walks? You know, to go to the bathroom?” I explained that no, Fluffy did not need daily walks! To experienced cat folks, that probably sounds silly, but it was an honest question. The potential adopter  thought that the newspaper and towels lining the cats’ cages was there for the same reason you’d put newspaper down on the floor for a puppy — that was where the cat would go to the bathroom. The metal pans filled with litter in the cats’ cages? With so many cats sleeping in them, he thought they were cat beds! Read More

9 pets with stuffed animals they adore

Posted by Jennifer on May 23rd, 2014

stuffed-dog-toyYou know how people often look like their pet? Well here’s a fun twist… pets that look like their stuffed animal toys! Our friends at Petcentric have put together this collection of nine cute photos, and some of these lovable pets and their favorite stuffed animals are hard to tell apart. They sure do enjoy cuddling together! Have photos of your own pets with stuffed animals? Share them on the Petcentric Facebook page and see the other photos posted by pet lovers like you too! Read More

Adopting a dog good with kids

Posted by Jennifer on May 19th, 2014

dog-good-with-kids“I’m looking for a dog that’s good with kids.” “What dog breeds are good with children?” “Is this dog kid-friendly?” Pet adoptions counselors at animal shelters and rescues get asked those questions time and time again! That despite  that according to the 2012 US Census and Reuters, “While married couples with children were the majority decades ago, now nearly 57 percent of U.S. households are childless.” That may be because though you don’t have your  children in your home currently, perhaps you’re planning on having them, or perhaps you have grandchildren, or other relatives or friends that have kids that visit, and you’d like a dog who will enjoy being around them as you do. So how do you find a dog to adopt who’s good with kids? Read on… Read More

Photos of smiling pets

Posted by Jennifer on May 12th, 2014

smiling-cat-JackWe love photos of smiling pets! Our friends over at Petcentric posted pics of 7 smiling pets here, and we have to agree, pet smiles are contagious! We’ve added a seven smiling dog and cat photos of our own below. Pets sometimes smile with their eyes, but in these photos we think their grins are pretty visible too! Petcentric says, “Check out their adorable warm, furry grins, and get ready to smile. Whether it’s getting a new toy, taking a long walk or enjoying a little extra cuddle time on the couch, pets have a lot to smile about. The best part about pet smiles is that they make people smile, too. Check out these adorable cat and dog smiles that are sure to leave you grinning.” If you have a photo of your adopted pet smiling, why not share with other pet people to inspire them to adopt a pet too! You can do that on the Petcentric Facebook page here.
hypo-allergenic-dog Read More

DIY Feral Cat Shelters

Posted by Jennifer on May 5th, 2014

CorrokittyOur friends over at Hausepanther brought these genius ideas to our attention: Do It Yourself feral cat structures you can make from recycled political yard signs! Or brand new Coroplast plastic if you’d rather choose a solid color scheme. The creator is a industrial design student from Houston, Texas named Chris Peterson. Chris calls his awesome kitty habitats Corrokitty and it’s not just one design either, but quite a selection! We can’t decide if we like the Barrel Cat with its cute little ears and feet best, or one of the hexagon designs. We love the modern simplicity of the folded box styles too! Even Chris’ research is summed up in a pretty little infographic. Our hats are off to anyone compassionate enough to take on the responsibility for caring for one or more feral cats, and folks like Chris who use inguinity (and a great sense of style) to make that caretaking not only cheaper, but nice-looking too! Chris writes on his Corrokitty blog, “If you are interested in purchasing a Corokitty kit or making one as a DIY project please email me at I would also love to know what you think about the shelter.” We’re sure the feral caretakers and their kitties appreciate it. Read More

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