Proper Puppy Pee Pad Placement

Posted by Jennifer on June 1st, 2015

puppy-pee-padPuppy pee pads or puppy training pads can be a huge help when you have a puppy or dog you’re trying to housebreak. Pre-puppy-pee-pads we’d use newspaper, but in the post-puppy-pee-pad era cleanup is so much easier! Puppy pads come in a variety of sizes, but most are layers of absorbent material lined with a thin plastic layer on the back, to try to stop pee from reaching the floor. (Puppy pads are also great for lining cat or dog travel carriers in case a pet gets car sick or has an accident.) You might be thinking, how hard can it be, I put the pad down on the floor, what more do I need to know? Well, read on… Read More

DIY build a kitten fort

Posted by Jennifer on May 20th, 2015

kitten-fort-dyiKittens love forts! They also love new things, so DYI kitten forts that you can reconfigure easily and for free are not only tons of fun for kittens, they’re fun for you and your family too! This is going to be one of the easiest DIY projects you’ve ever done, or a great one to take on as your first Do It Yourself project. All you need are a few simple items that you may have in your home already, and some creativity. Read More

2015 Veterinary Care Fund Grants

Posted by Jennifer on May 18th, 2015

The mission (and passion) of is to help get homeless pets out of the shelters and into loving homes. One way we do that is by helping approved shelters & rescues through grant programs. In 2015, the Veterinary Care Fund will be giving away grants to shelters and rescues of up to $2,000 each! Grants are to help pets in shelters and rescues get the veterinary care they need to go from homeless to adopted. Read More

Anna-kitten-AAPYou may have heard that kittens get a “kitten pass” when introduced to other cats. Is that true? Yes and no – it depends on the personalities and past experiences of the cats and the kittens! Yes it is true that many times adult cats who might have had bad experiences or seem not to get along well with other adult cats they’ve met will be less upset when they first meet a kitten. Here are some reasons why based on my personal experience introducing foster kittens to adult foster cats (click here for our cat intro how-to), and also helping dozens of adopters introduce both new kittens and cats: Read More

Thor-trash-pit-bull-rescueHere is the scoop: Dog-capturer extraordinaire Eldad from received an urgent call from the City of Los Angeles Waste Management that a Pit Bull was living in a dangerous pile of trash at their Los Angeles Facility. This rescue ended up being one of the trickiest Eldad has ever had to perform! Read More

Casual / Comfortable Hallway by Heather’s House Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

Having a dog or cat, like having a child, means your flooring stands to see increased traffic and possibly some stains over time. You can take steps to prevent stains, like house-training your animals from the time they arrive home, but even that is not a foolproof plan. So when accidents happen — and they will — you need to know how to remove the stain quickly and efficiently before it irreparably harms the flooring. Here are some tips on getting stains out of common flooring types: Read More

Everyone loves a good game of Jenga – especially this cat who has proven himself to have superior Jenga skills than every one of us! Watch the video below: Read More

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