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Prepare Your Cat For Your New Baby

Posted by Katya on October 9th, 2012

Getting ready for a new member of the family? Congratulations! Having a baby is an exciting time that also brings about a lot of change, and not just for you and the other people in your home, but also for your four-legged companions. You can get your feline friend prepared for the arrival of a baby by taking a few simple steps that are designed to make the transition easier.

Cats, like dogs, are used to their pack and will need your help adjusting to the inclusion of a new member. If you do a little work before the baby’s arrival, you will likely make it a smoother process for all, especially for yourself! It will probably be harder for you to support your cat through this change once the baby has arrived, particularly since you’ll be getting less sleep! If these efforts are addressed beforehand, your kitty can be taken care of, ready and happy to welcome home the bundle of joy. Click here for tips on how to prepare your cat for this life change.

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