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In 2013, #ResolveToSolve Pet Homelessness

Posted by Guest Author on December 31st, 2012

Ending pet homelessness begins with all of us and helping can be as easy as 1-2-3. Together, we can empty the animal shelters and we can start today. Right now.

Join as we #ResolveToSolve pet homelessness this New Year. Make a resolution to help one shelter pet find a loving forever home in 2013.

1. Take the Pledge

It takes just a moment. By pledging that you #ResolveToSolve, you are taking the critical first step toward a better tomorrow for today’s shelter pets. Your pledge means that you will try to help one shelter pet – just one – find a home in 2013.  It’s easy to help and we’ll tell you how. You don’t even need to leave your chair and you can do it right now!

But first, be proud of your pledge – pick up the phone and tell a friend or, better yet, get on the social web and tell the world. Announcing your pledge makes it real and motivates you and the people around you to create change. Go ahead, shout about it! We’ve even made this sharable graphic to help you announce your resolution on Facebook or wherever. Then, skip down to the second step and get started.

2. Do Something

After you’ve announced your pledge to help one homeless pet in 2013, download’s Resolve To Solve Pet Homelessness action item list. Action items range from simple, quick things you can do on your computer right now to volunteer opportunities that will hands-on involve you with the pets that need your help.

Want to go the extra mile? Consider encouraging others to take the pledge, too.  Every person who takes the pledge is potentially another homeless animal saved.

3. Share

Share your progress, your actions, what you’ve done to fulfill your resolution to solve animal homelessness. Post photos on our Facebook page, tweet us your progress with the hash tag #ResolveToSolve, and keep us and your network updated on all you’ve been up to.  Inspire others by sharing the great things you’re doing to help animals in need. Together, we can save homeless pets!

Are you signed up for our monthly newsletter?  If not, sign up and we’ll periodically keep you posted with #ResolveToSolve updates, sharable graphics, and inspirational stories that will make you smile.

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