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Many of the chinchillas we have listed for adoption are courtesy listings for guardians that need to find a new home for their chinchilla.  I list the state that the chinchilla is currently living in at the beginning of the description for him/her.  Chinchillas that are living in our rescue and are looking for new homes are also listed. 

We do not list chinchillas that have health issues unless there is a special note made.  ALL chinchillas need time to adjust to any new home.  They are hyper by nature and most will be nervous for a short time when you first get them home.  Please read THINGS TO CONSIDER & OUR WEBSITE (links are above) about caring for a chinchilla and what to expect if you want to bring one of these beautiful critters into your home. 

An adoption application must be filled out regardless of whether the chinchilla is living at our rescue or is still living with their current guardian.  Click on Adoption Policy & Application links (above) for more info.