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Jasmine’s Gift, Inc. began in 2009 and became a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in 2011 formed of like-hearted, compassionate volunteers. We team together to provide love and care to animals in need.  Our unique Re-Gifting program assists pet owners with re-gifting their pets as an alternative to placing them in a shelter.  Jasmine”s Gift works with pet owners and relies on volunteers to prepare these pets for loving new homes.  Jasmine”s Gift strives to create a culture of compassion to all animals and seeks those interested in making a difference in the life of an animal.

How You Can Help

Make a Donation

Jasmine’s Gift relies on the generosity of individuals who truly care about animals.  Making a donation, sponsoring an animal or donating your time, goods or services will make a difference to an animal in need. Jasmine’s Gift is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit so, all contributions are tax-deductible.  For your convenience, you can make a donation securely through PayPal directly from our website or simply mail your donation to: Jasmine’s Gift, PO Box 332, Mineral Springs, NC 28108

Foster Care

If you’re not ready for the long-term commitment and responsibility of pet adoption, you can still help an animal by providing foster care.

What Is Fostering?

Simply providing temporary shelter and care for an animal until a permanent home can be found.   We will walk you through it and provide the support you need and you will be able to care for an animal that needs you.  We have short and long term foster care opportunities, please contact us for more information.


If you need student/community service hours, please contact us to find out how to get involved and have fun filling your volunteer hours.

Make a difference with just your time – Contact us today to volunteer!

Volunteer Opportunities:

Event and Fundraiser Planning

Writing grant proposals

Connecting with civic organization

Working with media about events

Train the community of the importance of animal care

Write articles for our newsletter or blog