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 Our Mission Statement

Jessamine County Animal Care & Control Department is established by Jessamine County Fiscal Court in accordance with the Kentucky Revised Statutes. Its mission is to provide services which safeguard the public health and safety, to humanely house and care for animals in its charge, to protect the animals of the community from abuse and neglect and to provide its citizens with information concerning responsible ownership.

Our Goals and Objectives

 To provide services which aid in containing free-roaming animals to prevent human injuries and the spread of zoonotic diseases.
 To provide services which help prevent animals from becoming nuisances to the community or a burden to its citizens.
 To provide a physical facility which will house lost, unwanted and neglected animals in a humane manner. 
 To provide health care services to those animals housed to prevent suffering.
 To provide comprehensive and responsible adoption counseling and services.
 To provide unwanted, sick or injured animals with humane euthanasia, according them dignity and respect during that act.
 To strive to improve performance through education and dedication to our mission.
 To supply the Fiscal Court with accurate information upon which to base decisions for service level and expansion.
 To create public information and education programs which will assist the members of this community in becoming more responsible pet owners.