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My Story

It is rare we get an actual TEACUP CHIHUAHUA, and a girl. She weighs between 2 1/2 lbs and three. Fixed, all shots, chipped and healthy. Mom has taken excellent care of this precious doggie. Foxy, a bundle of love, is six years old, loves everyone from all dogs to kids to most people except for a few guys, but we understand, there are some men I don't like either.

Interested? Fill out our application at www.adoptapet.com/musicaltruckindogs upper right front page. Then Text us at 909-208-6889 with a time and day you would like to meet Foxy. We will get back to you to confirm, if your application is accepted. We prefer someone for her who is home most of the time, and we do not want her locked up in any cages, for any time frame. And, she must be a family dog.

Anyway, she has been a solid. one owner dog since a baby, lady just can't keep her, and sometimes things happen. I told Mom there is someone out there who needs this little girl and can give her all the things mom can't right now. Mom works a lot, has three kids as a single mom now, and really is never home, so Little Fox is lonely. And what a great heart this gal has to know her baby girl dog needs a different home. So that is our journey to find YOU! The perfect home for this adorable sweet baby.

Few facts on Teacups:

Feed the pup with the right kind of diet – Meat, canned chicken, and eggs are a must for your pet’s diet. Little greased foods rich in minerals, vitamins and omega fatty acids are suitable for the pup’s well-being. For non-meat products choose butter with flax seeds, frozen fruit bits, vegetables and wholesome milk for useful nutrients that will benefit your precious pup.

Gives your pet lots of comfortable and adequate rest – Teacups tend to be very active and as a result, they use up a lot of energy that needs restoring. Limit your playtime with the pup for at least one hour. When any activity is over, and your pup is tired, it will go to sleep. When that happens, make sure that your precious pet is in a comfortable bed with lots of privacy for uninterrupted sleep. Lots of rest will keep your little bundle of joy healthy and fit.

Monitor your pet’s blood sugar levels – One cause of fatalities in Teacup puppies is hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels. Stress panic attacks and feelings of frustration are some of the causes this ailment. To prevent hypoglycemia, try putting some “Karo” syrups in the pup’s diet.

Help your Teacup pup adjust to its new surroundings – Bringing a Teacup puppy for the first time in your home can be disorienting for the poor thing. As such he can be afflicted with stress and mood swings. Help the poor pup by making it get used to your home by being gentle, patience and firm. Avoid screaming or spanking since they won’t do any good expect traumatize the pup.

Prioritize regular vet check for your pet – and regular examinations can inform the vet on how to treat the puppy or recommend any appropriate medication. These dogs live long lives.

Adoption Process

Our Program has no added fees to adopters, nor do we charge Shelters who we assist, and each adopter must meet all the requirements of the invited Shelter to our Events, plus we add several important requirements. Our additional Contract agreement can be viewed at anytime by contacting us via e.mail and we will gladly send a copy of the additional standards we require, because our Adoptions take place at our Musical Events, and adopters are approved the same day, we take great care in adding additional requirements, which include Micro-Chipping, Bottled Water because it is not good for animals to receive water from different locations, 72 hour contact, 30 day contact, 6 month and one year contact requirements, plus agreeing to many more quality of life protection standards, and return policies. Please request a copy or visit our Website to learn more. All communications to our program are responded to within 24 hours, usually the same day.