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My Story

Hi, Listen my Mom Rosebud and I were rescued by the shelter on Oct 10. My mom could not feed us and we were only four weeks old; she was starved and sick. So the Sanctuary took her to their vet, where she was put on IV for four days, and brought back to life. The five of us babies were taken to the Sanctuary where our tummies were filled with great food, and we blossomed, however the sanctuary at the same time had to rescue a 4 1/2 month old husky who was dying, her larynx paralyzed from a human kicking her, it was awful, so our Sanctuary Mom was spending a lot of time at the hospital and our Dad her hand fed each of us. We are very fond of him.

Anyway, my siblings got adopted, but my mom at Sanctuary had spinal surgery so my Mom and I have just kind of hung out, and of course we are really bonded now. so need you to adopt us both, please. I love my mom.

call 909-208-6889 or text, come visit, and adopt us. . . . . . . . also please fill out our adoption application at www.adoptapet.com/musiclatruckindogs.

Adoption Process

Our Program has no added fees to adopters, nor do we charge Shelters who we assist, and each adopter must meet all the requirements of the invited Shelter to our Events, plus we add several important requirements. Our additional Contract agreement can be viewed at anytime by contacting us via e.mail and we will gladly send a copy of the additional standards we require, because our Adoptions take place at our Musical Events, and adopters are approved the same day, we take great care in adding additional requirements, which include Micro-Chipping, Bottled Water because it is not good for animals to receive water from different locations, 72 hour contact, 30 day contact, 6 month and one year contact requirements, plus agreeing to many more quality of life protection standards, and return policies. Please request a copy or visit our Website to learn more. All communications to our program are responded to within 24 hours, usually the same day.