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Happy Tail: Sydney

When I first met Vicki, a volunteer at Paws for Life, I was distraught over the loss of my 19-year-old cat. I was uncertain about adopting again, but knew I was missing something in my life … the house was too quiet! 

I told Vicki what I was looking for and she brought Sydney to my house to meet me. Unfortunately, Sydney had been living outdoors with a couple who didn’t properly care for her and eventually gave her up. Syd came to PFL Rescue pregnant, with worms and eventually developed mastitis while being weaned from her kittens. I don’t think I have ever met a more beautiful cat. I couldn’t believe the color of her eyes. How could someone ever give her up? I certainly couldn’t and, needless to say, Syd didn’t return with Vicki.

Sydney and her kittens

Syd went through a few more health issues, went into heat and was then spayed. It was certainly a rough couple of weeks for her. But 30 days later, I came home one night from work to a fat, furry cat! It turns out Sydney was neither lithe, little or short haired! In perfect health, Sydney turned into the absolute beautiful, furry and loving cat she is today. She has a huge, puffy tail, which has been passed on to her beautiful kittens. 

Sydney now

I truly believe Sydney has never forgotten where she came from and shows me every day how much she loves her new home and family. She is the loudest purrer, has become my personal lap cap and can’t help but groom all those around her. Sydney filled the void I feared would never be healed when I lost my dear Petunia. I could have never imagined how wonderful it would be to welcome my dear Syd-vicious into my home. Thank you Paws for Life, and to Vicki, our “furry godmother.” 

Sincerely, Kate P.

Happy Tail: Raven

Dear Paws for Life, a very special thank you to foster mom Sue, who listened to my interests and paired me with an absolutely wonderful animal. I’m so happy we were able to give Raven (formerly Sophie) her new forever home. Raven has already become a very loving part of the family. Sincerely, Joe


Happy Tail : Big Dog

Big Dog has been adopted! New name, new family, new start!

Dear PFL, I just wanted to let you know that Tommy and I are absolutely thrilled with “Big Dog”!!!! We re-named him Ringo, got him groomed and settled in, and he is the absolute best dog we could ever hope for!

He knows how to sit and stay, he is super gentle with kids, friendly with other dogs, and calm indoors. He learned to pull less on the leash in the first week, and now we are working on walking side-by-side and he is getting it really well! He also learned to go in his crate and not bark or whine, and he hasn’t had a single accident indoors. Just the best pup in the world and we love him so much!! Thank you for all your help!

Claudia and family

BigDog2Big Dog2

Happy Tail: Nuka 

Nuka was rescued as a kitten in December 2011 after both of his siblings were found frozen to death. He was very sick with a severe upper respiratory infection, an underdeveloped third eyelid and was severely underweight at just 12 weeks old. 

Nuka when rescued

With four cats of my own, I had a full house, but Nuka had no where to go. We couldn’t turn him away and I agreed to foster him for Paws for Life Rescue. For the first week, we weren’t sure if Nuka would make it. He was just so small and so sick. 

Nuke when rescued

But as time went on, Nuka got bigger, stronger and healthier. After six weeks, he was healthy enough to be neutered and have his third eyelid surgically opened up so that he could see with both eyes. Not long after that, Nuka was diagnosed with Feline Herpes. I started doing research and learned all I could. Turns out, it is very common in cats who are sick for long periods of time. But with some supplements it was very manageable. As time went on, Nuka grew into a very healthy and beautiful cat. By 7 months old, he knew his name, learned to come when called, sit on command, give hugs, walk on a leash and play fetch.


He also developed a love for small, sickly and feral kittens. Somewhere along the way he decided that he made a great mom. So we began fostering feral kittens. 


Nuka was just so loving and nurturing with each and every kitten that we brought home that we started to call him “Mother Nuka.” 


He would carry the kittens with him everywhere, sleep with them, watch them for hours and hours and even let them nurse on him, despite obviously not having any milk for them. They just suckled on his long fur and belly and he would purr them to sleep. 


For two years Nuka raised kittens and helped them become social enough to find homes, yet he himself was still “homeless.” Everyone who met him loved him, but they were all afraid of him having feline herpes. 


Finally, after fostering Nuka for two years, watching him socialize feral kittens, make friends with dogs and charm the pants off of everyone he met, I realized this cat wasn’t meant to go to just any home. He was meant to stay with us. He was meant to live in a rescue family and help raise other kittens to help them find homes of their own. So, in the summer of 2013, I finally and officially adopted Nuka. 

Nuka now

He has been the most amazing and inspirational cat and I can’t imagine our lives without him.

Sincerely, Santa Z.

Happy Tail : Regis

Volunteer favorite Regis went home with his new family last week and we’re happy to report that all is well. Here is a letter and photos from his new family:

Hi Paws for Life, I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you so much for helping us get Regis. I cut school last night because I was so worried somebody would take him before I got him.

He is doing so well! He is a tad nervous, which I expected, but he is really calm in the house and so happy with his squeaky balls and the leaf toy you gave him. He loves it. If we roll it, he will chase it. I can see he wants to romp around and play tug of war if given the chance. He’s just a love, he followed me around as I got ready for work and I made a nice spot for him in my office so he could look out the window. He seems to want to see everything that is going on. I went home at lunch to see him and we went outside. I had to dig a little area in the snow, but once he figured out what I was doing, he got in and was romping around. So cute! We then sat in the house and he just sat next to me while I petted him and talked to him all about us and what a good boy he is. He just leans into your leg and wants to be loved. I’m going to get a rug for my office so he’s more comfortable with me, maybe even a little blanket to curl up with.

He seems to be a great fit, he’s not too big at all. I’m going to get him registered with the city, to our vet and when he’s ready I think I’m going to take him to some classes that my mom and dad took their lab to when she was 3. But that’s down the road. For now we want him to get settled and used to us.

Thank you and the people at your rescue society for helping us meet and welcome Regis to our family. Please let those who took care of him know that we are so thrilled and excited to have him. We look forward to many years of fun and many adventures with him! He’s even got a set of grandparents! My mom and dad met him on Saturday and they were amazed at how sweet he is and think he is going to be a great addition to our family.

Thanks again for helping us find him.

Sincerely, Kelly and family


Happy Tail : Lilly

My sweet Lilly was rescued by Paws for Life hours before she was to be put to sleep. She was pregnant and suffering from Feline Distemper (Panaleukopenia). Four of her kittens survived, although two have severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which makes walking extremely difficult. Lilly developed serious injuries due to her illness, but she still fed, loved and protected her babies fiercely. 

I met Lilly and her litter when the kittens were about 4 weeks old. I was immediately drawn to Lilly’s sweet nature … she had been through so much and deserved a loving home. She has paid me back with unlimited love and devotion every day since. 

I also fell in love with her little boy Kinsler and took him home as well. Kinsler also suffers from Cerebellar Hypoplasia, although it is a very mild case. In Kinsler’s case, he looks a little un-coordinated, perhaps a little drunk, but that is part of his charm. Kinsler knows no fear, gets into everything and rules the house. He makes me laugh with his funny little head twist when you call his name or when he tumbles charging after his favorite toy. He truly knows no boundaries! 


Both cats have completed my life and I cannot remember my house without them. Thank you to Paws for Life for recognizing how wonderful Lilly is and saving her, and her sweet kittens! 

Sincerely, John G.

Lilly and her baby