My name is Bodhi!

Oriental Cat for adoption in Ocala, Florida - Bodhi
Photo 1 - Oriental Cat for adoption in Ocala, Florida - Bodhi
Photo 2 - Oriental Cat for adoption in Ocala, Florida - Bodhi
Photo 3 - Oriental Cat for adoption in Ocala, Florida - Bodhi
Photo 4 - Oriental Cat for adoption in Ocala, Florida - Bodhi
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I'm being cared for by:
Quality of Life Rehab and Foster

Facts about Bodhi

  • Breed: Oriental
  • Color: Orange Or Red Tabby
  • Age: Young
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Short
Only THE PERFECT match will understand this absolutely AMAZING and LOYAL cat! He is so incredibly shy around strangers that he seems to sabatoge every single meet and greet he gets. His very first name was Spooky. He was SO shy that he hid under the couch and we had to actually CATCH him to hold him or try to take pictures. My daughter is the cat whisperer around here, so she used her feral kitten technique (*though Bodhi was not a feral kitten). She stuffed him down into a soft fuzzy sock and just carried him around for a few days. She let him down of course, but if she had the the free hand to hold him, that what she did. Finally he warmed up to us and he trusted us. Before I tell you about who Bodhi is today (he just celebrated his first birthday)... allow me to share with you his rescue story... this is an except from his original adoption profile:

" He has a gorgeous marbled orange/red coat over his top side! Underneath and his legs, he is snow white! He is beautiful and rambunctious, playful and smart. He and his siblings were found on the side of the road. They had a "FREE Kittens" sign and were basically just left for anyone to take. We couldn't just leave them. so we took them all. All four of them!! I shudder to think what could have become of them, being left alone as babies, on the side of the road:( Free to any passer-by to do anything with."

The Bodhi that I know will not be the Bodhi that you meet. The Bodhi I know races past me in the hallway and is waiting on my bed when I get to my bedroom. He stretches out on his back and makes cute little cat noises (not a pur and not a meow)... I pat my chest and he stands up and stretches up with his long arms... he likes to be draped over your shoulder and is a very long, lanky cat. Not to say he is skinny. He is not. He has this funny, chubby flap... and is just a very long boned and leggy guy! I see him to look like the Oriental cats. His eyes are very golden... yet a light color... almost the same tones you see in his coat. Its makes it hard to get a good pic of his eyes because he is a happy happy boy. He always has that smiling happy, squinty face. I took these pic of him in the afternoon sun from a west window yesterday. He likes to sleep with me, and really is an indoor cat at heart. Ive known him a little over a year now, (current update: 8/2016). He was about 7 weeks old when he was rescued. So I know him very well. And he is absolutely spectacular. I enjoy his company immensely and I know that when the right person finds him, they will be greatly rewarded once he trusts you. Bodhi is very playful and very affectionate. He is very talkative and COMMUNICATES with you , making eye contact a lot! He LOVES catnip and lazer pointers. He loves wand type toys too. There is another side to his personality that I must describe. When a child (furbaby or human) is a "momma's boy" he is really just the object of his mothers affection. Bodhi whines ... he sometimes asks to go outside, as a few of our cats get outside time. But if we try to allow him outside time, he just stops, turns back to the door and lets out the most pitiful meow. He is a scaredy cat. He always has been. He spooks easily at abrupt movement or loud noises. He doesnt even run, usually, but it does make him jump. He would probably do best in a quiet home with little to no company. We have company sometimes and if they stay the night he is usually reasonably comfortable with them by the second day. He is great with the dog, but because of his moody nature he sometimes just boxes the dog for no good reason, giving that whiny little meow.He also gets that way with the other kitties. We foster between 6-20 cats at any given time. At the moment we have 13. It is my firm belief that our kitties, while loved and adored here, are best to be placed in a wonderful furever home that doesnt have so many kitties. Their personalities always blossom once they settle into a new home. But with Bodhi, it will not come immediately. You will have to earn it. It will be a challenge. A labor of love. He is a spectacular cat. I say it all the time to him..."Bodhi, if you could be my only cat, you would be the only cat for me!"
He loves to be sung to... and that silly little quotation is his little song too. I think it will take a solid two weeks (our normal trial period) to gain his full trust and adoration. A true soul mate match may even win his trust and love sooner. Whomever you are, whenever you find him... Bodhi will be your charmed companion. He is very healthy and well behaved. He keeps himself very clean, and his fur is always sparkling white somehow! He likes to spend time in my lap and even rides on my shoulder sometimes. He is oddly vocal and very emotional, it's almost like he thinks I actually understand every word he is saying. I just go along with it.
He is going to be a big, long legged cat. And he is a super sweet and talkative cat. He will be very easy to train, and has already learned to stand/sit still and stand up. He is very smart and curious. And RELIGIOUS about the litter box:) Let me know if you think you would like to try meeting him. Until then, he is in a safe a loving foster home with me and his many many other "siblings". All of his actual siblings were adopted last summer. He is now busy teaching his ways to the new season's kittens!

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