My name is Loyal Rokkie so cute!

Schnauzer (Miniature)/Jack Russell Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Redding, California - Loyal Rokkie so cute
Photo 1 - Schnauzer (Miniature)/Jack Russell Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Redding, California - Loyal Rokkie so cute
Photo 2 - Schnauzer (Miniature)/Jack Russell Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Redding, California - Loyal Rokkie so cute
Photo 3 - Schnauzer (Miniature)/Jack Russell Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Redding, California - Loyal Rokkie so cute
Photo 4 - Schnauzer (Miniature)/Jack Russell Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in Redding, California - Loyal Rokkie so cute
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Facts about Loyal Rokkie so cute

  • Breed: Schnauzer (Miniature)/Jack Russell Terrier Mix
  • Color: Gray/Silver/Salt & Pepper - With Black
  • Age: Senior
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Male
  • ID#: country boy at heart
adoption process and application
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Rockie is a cute loving little guy, he would make a super companion to a younger retired couple or person
in the country or outskirts of town

please read full bio before you apply

He is looking to be his happy self with a happy person that will accept him for who he is without high expectations

He's around 9 to 10 yrs young around 30 pounds loves to eat to a few more walks a week will help keep him in shape

 Rokkie has a wirey coat that's not really rough to the touch
nice silver/black/white/brown color easy to groom
it's long right now but can be cut short

He does shed but daily brushing will keep that low as well as cutting the coat shorter
or if you don't care about a few hair that's even better

Rocket man has a great smile and wagging tail, love and loyalty for the people he knows well
he will trust the right dog loving folks that don't rush him or think they can hover over him smothering him
he's not that kind of dog
he's looking for respect and will give that back once bonded tight he will give kisses and jump in your lap

and lets you do about anything but that's not so with strangers and I don't blame him
would you want a total stranger doing whatever with you?

Rockie is great in car and jumps right in
even a truck that's quit higher then a car but we try to lift him in anything high
prefer a car to make his life easier versus a high truck

30 minute walk few times a week some throwing of his stuffed toys following you around while you garden or on your property a soft comfy bed and a loving person with a big lap to fit this 30 pounder on it or next to you on the couch watching tv getting petted

He loves to play with his plush toys which he has many and loves many
He is good on a leash never pulls loves to stop sniff and pee like most male dogs
will bark at some passing dogs if allowed will not do it with me as I'm alpha and don't allow it

I walk him on a 16 foot retractible leash when we go hiking he loves that freedom
knows basic commands like sit, down, wait, come, leave it, and heel and even shakes
but don't expect him to do that the first day or first month
he has to know you trust you
and feel comfy

He is an excellent watchdog and only barks appropriately and never excessively.
Never destructive and never potties in house.

He is a sweet, lovely dog and is easy to take care of for the person that is in charge and a good gentle leader that knows if you want respect you must give respect

Rokkie does not need a lot of words or loud crazy commands
he will respond well with quieter commands body language and your energy
he wants a easy going person that's not looking to change and mold him to their expectations but rather change themselves around him the way it should be anyhow
If you are one of those few people that believes that you may be his true match

We have many details about Rokkie which we be happy to share with an approved applicant
we will also be here for the rest of his life from helping to settling him in to any questions you may have throughout his life
We like to stay part of his life by getting updates now and then more so while settling in
expect the settling in period to be at least 6 months
as it is with most dogs
most folks are not aware of that and believe it only takes a week
We want Rokkie in the right home where he will be welcomed accepted for who he is very loved and cared for
We love him very much and want a happy ending for both him and his new caretaker
We are very good in matching
Give him a chance and you will never forget him he will leave a big mark on your heart

Rokkie will come with his toys, harness, neutered and chipped, Rabies current, flea free, on monthly heartworm prevention, he had his teeth cleaned about 2 years ago they look very good
his eyes are clear and alert
he takes a quality daily multi vitamin with probiotic and joint support

adoption fee is only $50 for the right matching screened home
please read bio for requirements

fenced yard, pics of home, references, dog experience

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