My name is Spencer!

Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier/Schnauzer (Miniature) Mix Puppy for adoption in Statewide and National, Texas - Spencer
Photo 1 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier/Schnauzer (Miniature) Mix Puppy for adoption in Statewide and National, Texas - Spencer
Photo 2 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier/Schnauzer (Miniature) Mix Puppy for adoption in Statewide and National, Texas - Spencer
Photo 3 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier/Schnauzer (Miniature) Mix Puppy for adoption in Statewide and National, Texas - Spencer
Photo 4 - Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier/Schnauzer (Miniature) Mix Puppy for adoption in Statewide and National, Texas - Spencer
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I'm being cared for by:
Yorkie Haven Rescue, Inc. - TX

Facts about Spencer

  • Breed: Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier/Schnauzer (Miniature) Mix
  • Color: Silver & Tan (Yorkie Colors)
  • Age: Puppy
  • Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
  • Sex: Male
Adoption Fee: $500
Fostered in Texas
Age: 1.5 years
Weight: 14 lbs.


12/20/16 - Spencer is a happy young man that has NO idea that he has a "condition". He gets along with all dogs and people alike. He is a perfect gentlemen and even babies the pit bull in the home. This makes him a great catch, as long as someone understands that he has congenital kidney disease. The symptoms remain as stated below, but once in a routine, his foster mom says that it is just that, routine.

3/3/16 - The results of Spencer's cushing test came back negative. So, it appears that Spencer's condition is "congenital kidney disease". This is a disease that affects the development and growth of the kidney before or shortly after birth in which the kidney is abnormal in its ability to function normally. Spencer's specific symptoms are excessive thirst (called polydipsia) and urination (polyuria). Since he is unable to concentrate the urine which results in more water passing out of the body in the form of urine, he will always need free access to water to prevent dehydration (even more so in the summer months). Withholding water WILL NOT decrease his need to urinate and may cause problems. He also constantly needs access to outside, so a doggy door would probably be a better situation for Spencer, or a home where someone is home during the day to give him access to outside often. In his foster home, he does a great job of going outside with having this doggy door access. He is not on any special diet or medication. This condition is not reversible and the prognosis is poor. However, if detected early enough, like we have, Spencer's life span could be longer. The specialist said that there is no way to accurately predict how many years he has without doing further extensive and invasive testing (which we do not feel is necessary for him at this point since he has already gone through so much to diagnosis this), but a good estimate is 4-6 years (no crystal ball).

Despite all of this, Spencer is not in any pain, quite the lover, and despite the set back of tinkling more and drinking more than the normal dog, he is the greatest little guy ever. Very social, makes the other pups in the home play, is very loving and cuddly with his foster parents and an all around sweetheart.

Don't let Spencer never get a last name for something that has been passed down because of bad breeding. He has many great years to fulfill some great family's life and he is just waiting to start his next journey.

2/18/16 - Here is a new picture of Spencer channeling his inner Michael Jackson discovering the Man in the Mirror. Spencer is such a great little man with a glass is half full type personality. He loves people, loves life, loves to play, loves to sleep, loves to cuddle, loves to eat, and so on, and so on. There isn't much that Spencer isn't up for or good at.

One thing that Spencer does have issues with is drinking and tinkling. At first, his foster mom just thought he wasn't catching on to the potty training and he wore a belly band to help. But as time passed and things did not improve, she started to get concerned. Several appointments were made at his regular vet and at GCVS and numerous tests have been performed ruling out one after the other. One last test that will be run Tuesday, 2/23/16, is to see if he might have Cushings. If this test comes back negative, and with all prior tests ruling out various other issues/diseases, Dr. Jones feels that a congenital kidney abnormality would be considered most likely the culprit.. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for this condition and even though he feels and acts fine, he will continue to have and increased thirst and increased urination. He does have a doggy door in his foster home which helps with his increased urination.

We will update his bio after his testing for Cushings on Tuesday.

11/10/15 - Spencer is a sweetheart of a guy that loves playing with other dogs and toys. To that end, there will need to be other four leggers in the home, no matter the size since in his foster home, there are small and large ones. He loves to ride in the car, but insists on being in your lap. I know, not totally safe, but he is very still and not disruptive at all to the safety of the road. Lol

He is loving sleeping in the bed with his foster parents and siblings and says there is no going back to a dog bed or crate to sleep at this point. Older respectful children will be ok in the home since he has energy to burn. Currently he is still working on his potty training. Outside is more of an issue than inside, since he will use puppy pads really well. His foster parents are working on moving the pee pad outside in order to get his little brain to relate to doing business outside as well.

He is an awesome, outgoing, sweet natured, sensitive little man that is just waiting to have a last name and he would like it in time for Thanksgiving, but won’t fuss if it is at least before Christmas.

9/16/15 - Spencer here. I’ve been so busy playing with my foster siblings that I totally forgot to update my bio. I am now 21 weeks old and weigh 8 lbs.

I've had two of my partners in crime leave me. Duncan and Fallon. Foster mom says they were adopted and that I'm waiting to be adopted too. I don't understand why out of us three, I'm the last one here, but it is not my job to question why. Only to be cute and focus on getting myself one of those things that Duncan and Fallon call families now.

I'm a very playful pup, so will definitely need another one in the household to play with. I LOVE humans and dogs. I'm always happy and bouncing around. I have an infinite amount of energy, so a fenced in yard is a must. My attention span is REALLY short, so foster mom is starting to try to teach me some commands in an effort to build my self-control.

Anyway, even with my Attention Deficit Disorder and the fact that I'm not totally potty trained yet (even though I do use my puppy pads and do go outside when brought), I'm still the catch of the site. I have personality plus and looks for the cover of GQ for dogs.

So, if you are interested and meet the requirements that I have listed above, fill out my online application and we'll see if you get the job as my parents. Good Luck!

8/2/15 - Spencer is one of 6 siblings that was born into rescue when their mom, Gracie, was surrendered pregnant. Gracie is a yorkie, and we are assuming that dad was a Schnauzer from the characteristics of the puppies.

Spencer is thin and strong. He can run and play non-stop. He loves giving kisses, but will sneak in a “bite/nibble” every now and then. Spencer does loves his humans, but would do best in a home with another active pup, or one of his siblings to keep his busy and company. He is a very active busy little guy.

Of course with this adorable face comes chewing, potty accidents and barking, but nothing that someone who is expecting puppy antics cannot handle.

Spencer is currently 13 weeks old and should be able to be neutered and be available for adoption in about 3-4 weeks

7/27/15 - BIO COMING SOON!

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