My name is Babs!

Havana Mix for adoption in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania - Babs
Photo 1 - Havana Mix for adoption in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania - Babs
Photo 2 - Havana Mix for adoption in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania - Babs
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I'm being cared for by:
Luv-n-Bunns Rabbit Rescue

Facts about Babs

  • Breed: Havana Mix
  • Color: Black
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Standard
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Short
I don't know Babs' history but am fairly sure it did not include lots of love or food. Babs can be described as independent, curious and a tab bit spunky. She loves to be out of her xpen and inspects her surroundings. Strangely enough, when she first came, she not only looked forward but she looked up checking out the mantel,the book cases, etc. Once her curiosity has been satisfied, she settles down for a rest.

When I first met Babs, she had a lot of fire in her belly, was cage aggressive and did not like any tapping on the cage or the floor. Time has allowed her true nature to come out and to develop trust. During the first week, teeth met skin a couple of times until we figured it all out. The recommendations found online included calmness, talking and lots of singing. So over the holiday, I sang my heart out with loads of Christmas carols. I talked to her frequently and let her get to know my voice. Now when her xpen is opened, she gets minute or two to calm herself before any moves are made into her space. Babs learned that I did not have bad intent and a new trust was born.

Havana rabbits are known for their coats.. oh so soft and gentle. Petting her is totally relaxing. Of course, these interactions on her terms (just like my own rabbits). When she lets me cradle her like a baby, she totally relaxes, but then tends to startle out of my arms. Babs does have a beautiful face and long gorgeous whiskers but can be hard to photograph since she is black.

Babs like me is a foodie and training was done w food treats. She loves hay and there is not a green that she does not like. Now when the floor is tapped or if her living space is entered, she runs forward rather quickly but she is just looking for a treat. However, due to her history of cage aggression care is taken when changing water, giving food or just cleaning her space. If she is feisty, then I place my hand on her shoulder and she calms down.

The adoptive person is welcome to take her cage as I think Babs would do well to keep it along w her litter box and cardboard tunnel (hides there). She has the bottom of her cage (top not used) with a litter box inside an xpen. She is mostly good about her litter box and never dirties outside her cage in the xpen.

Babs does not do well with other rabbits and she has a knee injury. It was either there previously or happened when she climbed Mr. Whiskers xpen and fell. The vet said it needed no intervention (other than initial pain meds). She still runs down the hall and does little binkies. I don't let her jump off the couch and other than that she has no limitations. Of note she was the absolutely easiest bunny to give meds to. She does enjoy massages but not on her lower quarters.

I have several beagle mix dogs and they are never ever in the same room when any rabbit is out of the cage. Babs does OK with barking, sniffing but not so well with any high energy bursts such a running across the room, down the hall etc..

I do think Babs would make a lovely companion bunny. Due to her history of cage aggression, I recommend no other bunnies or dogs (too much energy) and an experienced rabbit person. She has a nice personality and will come to her name being called. I have thoroughly enjoyed working and living with her. She absolutely deserves a good permanent home where she can hopefully get more out the pen time and lots of loveā€¦ oh and let's not forget greens!


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