My name is Beth AD 12-03-16!

Boxer/French Bulldog Mix Dog for adoption in Preston, Connecticut - Beth AD 12-03-16
Photo 1 - Boxer/French Bulldog Mix Dog for adoption in Preston, Connecticut - Beth AD 12-03-16
Photo 2 - Boxer/French Bulldog Mix Dog for adoption in Preston, Connecticut - Beth AD 12-03-16
Photo 3 - Boxer/French Bulldog Mix Dog for adoption in Preston, Connecticut - Beth AD 12-03-16
Photo 4 - Boxer/French Bulldog Mix Dog for adoption in Preston, Connecticut - Beth AD 12-03-16
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Rescue Dog Village

Facts about Beth AD 12-03-16

  • Breed: Boxer/French Bulldog Mix
  • Color: Black - With White
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: RDV 602cpkw
Breed: Bullboxer / French Bulldog
Gender: Female
Weight: 50 lbs
Age: 4 Years
Life Expectancy: Average of 14 years
Location: Crowville, LA
Adoption Fee: $450 (includes transport and vaccinations for a year)

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We receive an urgent plea in our email that yanks at the hearts from an owner:
“LOST DOG” Please keep looking for our beloved dog…..
“FOUND” this dog was found and if not claimed in five days…….

ADOPTED ON 12-03-16 - We quickly pass it on to all our friends, family and tag as many Facebook pages as we can, but we rarely ever know if the dog was found, yet, we keep trying. Beth’s story is the “Found” story; her owners “Lost Dog” plea was never located but we are sure that she was loved and owned by someone.

On Beth’ rescue day she was lucky to be noticed by one of our partner volunteers that go to the shelter daily to walk, medicate, kiss and hug the dogs—they were probably on their lunch hour. One of them told us: “Beth was someone’s much-loved pet before she came to us. She said she “was working at the facility the day the police brought Beth in. Since the policeman didn’t have a dog crate in his truck, he had Beth tied with a rope in the bed of the truck. She was just waiting patiently for the policeman to get her out of the truck. On the first day that she laid eyes on Beth, she was in perfect shape, was well mannered and already spayed. She just knew that her original owner would have found her/us by now, but unfortunately, that has not happened.”

We can only imagine how broken hearted her original owners must be. For Beth’s sake, we must help her move on now, her southern foster tried for a long time to find them; she hugs, kisses, walks, feeds and cares for the Beth and her other foster dogs, with her own money and only asks that Beth find a good home. Rescue Dog Village is fortunate to work with such loving and giving partners, they have a genuine rescue passion for death row dogs.

Beth is a beautiful 4 year old, 50 pound Terrier currently living in a foster home in LA, her foster mom absolutely loves her. Though no one knows her history, as she was picked up by animal control and brought to the pound, her foster has had her for about a year and a half and knows what a sweet girl she is. Her foster mom tells us that she may have lived in a house previously because she is familiar with stairs and riding in a car. She has been nothing but friendly and loving to any adults she meets, as well as children. Malcolm is the newest pen mate that has been introduced to Beth. He is only 3-5 months old, when she sniffed Malcolm through the fence she accepted him without any problems. Then, when Malcolm entered the pen, again, Beth was curious and only sniffing him so she could get to know who he was.

LA is warm most of the year and many dogs live outside like Beth. Therefore, it is unknown whether or not she is housebroken. It has been our experience that dogs that have lived outside are easier to house train because they have always go outside. We would love her to find a home where she can be an indoor dog. Sometimes after walks she will walk up the back steps, stop and look up at the door, then look as if to say, "Why don't you open the door and let me go in?" Beth deserves a warm, safe home to walk into and lie down with her forever family. Unfortunately, because there are cats in the house, her foster does not know how she will react so Beth is unable to come in the house. She currently lives in a 10” x 20” pen with two other dogs and gets along well with them and other pen mates that have come and gone.

A good day for Beth is going for a long walk. She loves to walk in the corn rows by her foster house. The corn has been cut for several weeks now but she loves to sniff out whatever scents she can - whether it is raccoons, possums, etc. She always finds something interesting to smell. After her walk, she will jump in the kiddie pool to cool off. She doesn’t lay down in the pool but instead just walks around and cools off her feet. After that, Beth and her pen mates get some one on one loving time.

As well as loving long walks, while Beth is in her pen, she will sleep in her dog house. If she sees a bird fly by she will start barking at the bird. She loves chasing rabbits and frogs, too. She also barks at other dogs that run free. That's because they sometimes run at her pen and antagonize her. She likes to chew on nylon bones while in her pen relaxing. She eats once a day, loves treats, and has no problem being in a crate. When she does go in the car, she enjoys sitting in the back seat and is very well-behaved.

Beth’s foster is still working with her leash skills and walks her with a harness. When she starts pulling too hard, she is given a slight correction and she responds. Her foster mom would love to see her living as an indoor dog and sleeping right alongside her new family because she deserves it. A perfect home for her would have a large fenced in yard so she could have the opportunity to run, explore, and play. However, if the family is active and hikes or runs, she would love that too.

Beth is ABSOLUTLEY LOVED by her foster mom but it would not be doing right by her to keep her where she is. She is very loving and very beautiful, and deserves a loving home. She has proved to everyone that she is truly a great dog. She has so much love to give. Her foster mom hopes that a family with lots of love will take a chance on a middle-aged dog and give her the opportunity to love them back.

Beth always is looking for a hug and a smile. She is a very smart, athletic, wonderfully affectionate girl. She loves to explore, play, and always ready for affection. She is one of life’s little cheerleaders that has overcome many hardships but is always ready to be by your side. Beth is an old soul and will make a great friend that will provide unequaled love to her person, a devotion that we have seen in few dogs. A commitment to a dog is a serious responsibility, however, one that will be one of the most pleasant experiences in your life—this girl is special and if that is what you are looking for your search has ended.


Bullboxer is a hybrid and it is a mix between a Boxer and a French Bulldog. These dogs are called hybrid or designer’s dogs as they are produced by cross breeding of two different pure breed dogs. As with all hybrid dogs, the Bullboxer can inherit mixed characteristics from both parent breeds. These dogs are medium in size and have strong body.

They have a great sense of smell and the beady eyes have a sweet expression. These dogs have a shorthaired, smooth, and straight coat that comes in white color with two big black spots. The skin is spotted black like Dalmatian dogs. Other colors of the breed are light brown, golden, white and brown, and black and white normally.

With adequate socialization and a good deal of early training Bullboxers may be excellent with other pets and the children. The Bullboxer can want to chase animals and cats—as about 90% of many animals; therefore, they should always supervised and corrected.

They love children and like to play with them. They are obedient, guarding, agile, watchful, playful, loyal, intelligent, strong, alert, and energetic as well as good with other pets and children. Initially, they may be cautious toward strangers, but after having introduction and familiarization, they will become friendly with those strangers.

They do not only love their family, but are also good family companions. Do not to be trust them to be alone with unfamiliar children. No matter what the breed, dogs are animals and should never be left unsupervised around children and pets.

Being the mix, a Bullboxer can have the brilliant temperamental qualities of its parents. They can be a powerful, intelligent, quick learner, energetic, and enthusiastic. They like to please their owner and love to be around family.

Bullboxer have a protective nature toward their family and home making them great guard dogs who have been used widely by the military and police forces. Other than being courageous, these dogs are highly intelligent, loyal and affectionate. They are always eager to please, work or play even as they age.

Bullboxer are known to be playful and boisterous with family and friends whom they are familiar with. They will be patient and almost stoic toward children. While these dogs are careful and wary toward strangers, they desire lots of human companionship. They do not show fear towards those they do not know, instead they display strong courage when they feel threatened.

Whether you adopt through Rescue Dog Village or any other similar organization, the LEAST we can do is thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering welcoming these deserving dogs into your hearts and home. One of our favorite sayings is "RESCUE IS THE BEST BREED," and we believe that wholeheartedly. Help us help these dogs and submit your application today! We appreciate that you want to help make a difference in the lives of dogs who need us most!!! RESCUE ROCKS!


Disclaimer: Please note that the breeds posted on our dogs' biographies are our best guess based on years of working with rescue dogs. Adopters who need to know the exact breed or mix of breeds of a particular dog must have the dog's DNA tested at their own expense.

About Our Rescue

These dogs deserve all of our attention, and in Rescue Dog Village, we are committed to our adopters and our dogs equally. We offer full disclosure and hope to make the best matches possible. Please know our adoption fees never cover our expenses. We rely on the generosity of our adopters and supporters to help us help the dogs.

Our rescue is ONLY in the business of offering FULL DISCLOSURE to adopters, and expects and hopes to engage your questions and concerns fully. We owe it to the dogs we rescue and all the wonderful families/adopters who might consider welcoming our charges into their hearts and home. Our dogs are waiting for that ideal forever home where they will be cherished as deserving family members. It's sad these second chances are even necessary for these dogs, but we are committed to them and will devote the time and energy to their rehoming, and not just MOVE them to save more dogs. We diligently and responsibly seek good matches as we don't want to re-home the dog again. These animals have already endured more than they should have, and through no fault of their own. It behooves us to be honest and forthright, and we appreciate the same in return from applicants. It's that winning combination of reciprocal trust and respect that allows for successful placements to be made. Happy adopters translate to happy dogs, and that's our goal!

Our rescue volunteers will be more than honored to be in touch with you directly and promptly, after receiving your application and conducting a mandatory a veterinarian check. If you have never owned a dog before, please submit your application regardless, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. TAKE NOTE YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR SPAM AS SOME RESPONSES FROM US WIND UP THERE WE'VE DISCOVERED. Also, take care to contact your veterinarian to let them know a member of rescue will be inquiring about your pet history!

Thank you for respecting that we all donate our time to saving these animals, and understand we value your philanthropic and compassionate desire to help be part of the rescue team. That said, you'll understand why we are committed to the well-being of our charges and consider this veterinarian check mandatory. If you are a first-time dog owner, we will work with you every step of the way! ADVOCACY AND EDUCATION ARE AS MUCH A PART OF RESPONSIBLE RESCUE AS ADOPTION! And it takes a RESCUE VILLAGE to help the most dogs possible in a thorough manner to ensure success on all fronts, and then some! It is an awful feeling to fail a dog, and we can't continue rescue if we don't do everything we can to ensure good matches for the dogs and tender families who might adopt them. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.

Although we are an extremely small rescue group, we understand and respect your family's eagerness to be in touch and learn as much as you can about the dogs you are considering adopting. Our very experienced and devoted trainer will be happy to share all aspects of OUR RESCUE DOGS to determine compatibility once you've submitted your application, and another of our volunteers will explain the whole process of our rescue and answer any questions you might have as well

If you have the time and love to offer this extremely bright dog who can make you laugh for hours at his antics, PLEASE APPLY TO BE CONSIDERED FOR A RESCUE DOG VILLAGE DOG AND GIVE ONE A HOME. Our dogs deserve all that a committed family can offer. Make no mistake about it, this is one spectacular dog!

Please contact and we will be happy to return your correspondence, but please submit the application now so we can have that information as a starting base for our dialogue.


ALL interested adopters MUST complete an application; agree to a vet reference check, phone interview and home visit. ALL family members MUST be in attendance for home visits - no exceptions. This helps us get to know everyone in the family so that we can help find the right dog for you

About Rescue Dog Village

About Our Rescue Group...

Rescue Dog Village is a small collaborative of dedicated and committed rescuers in New England who work tirelessly to re-home deserving dogs from high kill shelters.

Our dogs are assessed by a highly seasoned and dedicated trainers who devote years of experience working with dogs in a variety of settings and ideal matches are made so the perfect forever homes can be found. Too many transitions make it harder on these dogs who've endured so much already in their precious lives, so we take great care to evaluate every aspect of their behavior and share that with potential adopters. We believe in FULL AND OPEN DISCLOSURE and adopt our dogs fully vetted and healthy. RESCUE TAKES A VILLAGE -- and we are honored to work with all who share our philosophy of working together to do what we can to make a difference BECAUSE WE CAN!

Come Meet Our Pets...

Adoption fee for each dog is noted on their page and can sometimes vary.

Our Adoption Process...

Rescue Dog Village dogs are boarded and placed in foster homes until permanent, loving homes are found. We do not have a facility to visit - our dogs stay in private foster homes until adopted. We do our best to get to know each dog in our care so that we may be able to match them to the home best suited for their needs.

If you see a dog that you are interested in adopting, the process is as follows:

Step 1: The Application
Fill out an application. Each prospective owner fills out an adoption application. We usually have no history of our rescue dogs and are therefore very careful about placing them in households with children.

You will need to provide employer information, explain why you want the dog, and describe your yard, your other pets and your former pets, if any.

Step 2: Vet Check
Provide a veterinarian reference.
•Call your vets office and give them permission to speak to us.
----If one of our volunteers contacts your vets office and they do not have permission to speak to us, it will hold up processing your application or result in closing it due to the volume of applicants we receive daily.

• Provide all information about your vet
----phone number.

We respect and value our volunteer’s time and they do NOT HAVE TIME TO LOOK UP YOUR VETS INFORMATION. We appreciate your help and respect to make sure we have all the information we need.

If you've never gone to one before, you will need to provide a reference. The group will contact them to ask about your ability to care for a pet.

Step 3: The Home Visit
Your application will be reviewed and sent to a volunteer in your area. The volunteer will contact you to schedule a home visit within one week.

We require that everyone in the immediate family, including your current dog (if you have one) come to the appointment to meet your potential new dog. Adopting a dog is a big family decision and requires a commitment from everyone. If you currently own a dog, it must be up to date on shots, spayed/neutered and wear an i.d. tag.

Dogs from animal shelters can be amazing escape artists. By visiting your home, we can help you identify potential escape routes, and keep your new dog safe and secure.

Step 3: The Adoption
Before you bring your new dog home, you must sign an adoption contract with Rescue Dog Village.

Please remember that adoption contributions barely cover our expenses. Additional donations are greatly appreciated and will help us continue our life-saving work.

Sometimes situations arise which cannot be helped. If, for any reason, you are unable to keep a dog you’ve adopted from Rescue Dog Village, the dog cannot be given away.

It doesn’t matter how much time has passed since the adoption. You must either return the dog to Rescue Dog Village, or obtain approval from RDV to transfer ownership to a friend or relative.

If you and the dog you would like to adopt seem to be well matched, we will respond to your application by email. Feel free to contact us at any time regarding the status of your application.