My name is Sue the Sweetheart!

Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Sanford, Florida - Sue the Sweetheart
Photo 1 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Sanford, Florida - Sue the Sweetheart
Photo 2 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Sanford, Florida - Sue the Sweetheart
Photo 3 - Domestic Shorthair Cat for adoption in Sanford, Florida - Sue the Sweetheart
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I'm being cared for by:
Pet Rescue By Judy

Facts about Sue the Sweetheart

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Color: Black (All)
  • Age: Senior
  • Sex: Female
  • ID#: 9302299
  • Hair: Short
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.

~Foster Update 9/28/16:  Sue continues to do well in her foster home and has become more comfortable with me.  She is always out and about in the house and seems confident.  Each day her sweet personality shines through even more!  She is a cat who enjoys her 'alone time' and, at this point, doesn't appear to be a 'lap cat' or like being held for very long, but she is absolutely irresistible when she wants some attention!  She always greets me at the door and seems happy that I have returned home!  She has no bad habits, but she does have an attraction to plastic bags and likes to chew them!  I simply keep all plastic bags out of her reach--problem solved!!


Foster Update 9/19/16 :  Sue has adjusted very well to her new foster home.  She is very quiet and never wakes me at night when I'm sleeping.  She enjoys her 'alone time', but will politely engage me when she wants to play!  (She has the sweetest meow!)  So far, her favorite toy seems to be a long, narrow, fabric ribbon attached to a flexible, plastic pole that I move along the floor in a snake-like manner; the quicker I move it the better she likes it!  Of course, like most cats, she also loves her catnip toys as well!  Look out catnip mousies and fishies--she's already gone through a couple of them!!

Foster Update 9/12/16 :  Sue is such a precious love!!  (Older pets are such gems!)  She is settling in very well and continues to adjust to the sights and sounds of her new foster home.  Sue loves attention (especially getting brushed) and observing the comings and goings outside.  She enjoys a little playtime now and then and will purr nonstop!  She is very quiet, well behaved and doesn't require much--only the right person to love her!  Sue is truly a sweetheart who will become a cherished companion for someone who can appreciate all she still has to offer!!

This beautiful senior cat, Sue, had a home when she was three months old but was surrendered back to Judy on 10/23/2015.  She had a collar that was too tight around her neck and was not up to date on shots.  The owner said that for ten years she would hide under the bed and never come out - all of this is so not true!  This beautiful cat is so friendly; she loves to be petted and loved on.  She is in foster now and if you go on our cat Facebook page, you can see her photos in her new loving home.  She also gets along great with other cats.  She is litter boxed trained, up to date on all shots, and has a great bill of health from our vet.

According to, Tabby cats may be extremely common, but that doesn't make them any less popular. Strictly speaking, Tabby cats aren't actually a specific breed of cat. Tabby is actually a coat pattern, and it's thought that if cats were allowed to breed indiscriminately, more than half of the cat population would be Tabby. Stripes and whorls are simply part of a cat's makeup. Tabbies are often 'dressed up' with white paws, and perhaps a white bib. Tabbies can come in several colors, including: Orange/Ginger, with a lighter pattern overlay; Grey, with a darker pattern overlay; and Brown with a black pattern overlay. Some Tabby cats are varicolored - that is, they have some Tabby patches on a mostly white coat, or orange and brown Tabby patches mixed on a white coat. Oddly, these variations only occur on an otherwise white-coated cat. That is, you simply don't see tabby patches on an otherwise black cat. No one knows why this should be. The most common pattern for a Tabby cat is tiger-striped, less commonly referred to as a 'Mackerel Tabby'. This terminology isn't obvious until you consider that the stripes resemble the bones of a fish. Another Tabby pattern is the blotched Tabby, also (confusingly) called the Classic Tabby. This is characterized by swirls, and the rings around the legs and tail are often much wider than the rings of the Mackerel Tabby's. Less obvious patterns such as the ticked pattern of the Abyssinian (with fur ticked like a squirrel's) are also considered Tabby, but many consider inclusion of this pattern a bit of a stretch for the common Tabby type. One of the most interesting variations is a cat with Siamese coloring and Tabby points; that is, the fawn-colored body and face, with legs and tail showing faint or distinct Tabby markings in the point coloration. Tabby cats have unusual and attractive facial markings, similar to the tiger's. Most of them have what can be seen to be a letter 'M' on their foreheads between their ears, and a number of legends have arisen to account for this. The 'M' has variously been supposed to have been bestowed on a favored or brave cat by either the Virgin Mary or the prophet Mohammed. Never mind that neither of these figures would have been familiar with the English alphabet. Tabby eyes have the long stripe of 'eyeliner' on the cheek, similar to the Egyptian symbol, the 'Eye of Horus' (also known as the Eye of Ra), and it is possible that the sign was adopted from the cat, who was revered in Ancient Egypt and often mummified and buried with its owner. Whatever their origin, Tabby cats are exceedingly popular and it's doubtful we'll ever see their decline.

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