My name is Pinky!

Siamese Cat for adoption in Monrovia, California - Pinky
Photo 1 - Siamese Cat for adoption in Monrovia, California - Pinky
Photo 2 - Siamese Cat for adoption in Monrovia, California - Pinky
Photo 3 - Siamese Cat for adoption in Monrovia, California - Pinky
Photo 4 - Siamese Cat for adoption in Monrovia, California - Pinky
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I'm being cared for by:
The TNR Project

Facts about Pinky

  • Breed: Siamese
  • Color: Cream Or Ivory (Mostly)
  • Age: Young
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Short
Pinky was rescued by The TNR Project and she gets sweeter and more loving with each day. Pinky is a Snowshoe Siamese with extremely unique markings & coloring. She has a white mask with white eartips. Pinky loves feeding time and is very vocal about how she wants to be fed first! She loves Temptations cookie treats and playing with wine corks, plastic spring toys and skittles. She also loves her sisal scratching post perch and loves to be high up and watch all the activity below. She is currently with her brother (Rabbit) but would be just fine being adopted independently. Pinky has never been around dogs or children.

Pinky was pretty sick as a kitten when we trapped her, so she is a little headshy from all the meds we had to "come at her" with. Her light eyes can tear a little bit when the weather changes, I've noticed. I clean them up with coconut oil and we're good to go. The minute I come home, she runs to my bedroom and leaps for my bed where we sit and say hello for about 20 minutes. She loves her little furry red ball. She warms my left leg nightly and any time I have a moment to watch some Netflix! She's really come a LONG way and really wants to be someone's best friend! Pinky is learning how to talk beyond food time.

Pinky is going to need someone who is patient with her and let's her come around once we change her environment. She is great with other foster kittens. She still needs a little work on running errands in her carrier, but that won't be hard. She was crate trained when she arrived, it's the car ride that gets her a little out of sorts. All you have to do is take her on some errands with you! She will be a super love with whomever is lucky enough to adopt her. I will definitely miss her when she goes to her new forever home!!

Color/Breed: Unique Sealpoint Snowshoe Siamese with Blue Eyes
Born: July 2015 (Approx)
Litter Box Trained
FELV/FIV Negative

Please contact Pinky's foster with any questions & go here to fill out our Adoption Application:

Snowshoe Siamese: A Little History - Snowshoes are generally affectionate, sweet-tempered, and mellow. They enjoy the company of humans and being given attention, and are compatible with children and other pets. Snowshoes are very social and docile, and show great devotion and love towards their owners. Consequently, the breed dislike being left alone for long periods of time and are able to cope with working hours more if they have another cat companion. Snowshoes may express themselves and their complaints vocally, though their meows are not as loud as the Siamese. The cats are also noted as being intelligent; they can learn to open various types of doors, and can be taught tricks, especially fetch. Snowshoes also enjoy water, particularly running water, and may on occasion swim. Though very active, they are not restless or easily agitated, and they have a fondness for perching in high places.

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FACT: A mama cat can go into heat again when kittens are 4 weeks old
FACT: A kitten is of breeding age at 16 weeks old (4 months)
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FACT: Once a male is neutered, it significantly decreases the yowling, spraying, fighting & wandering
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FACT: Black cats are 80% less likely to be adopted due to superstition? Black cats have some of the most intelligent, social personalities around!

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